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Advising is required as a condition for enrollment, especially when you are a new student. As a continuing student, you are encouraged to seek academic advising regularly throughout your academic career. You are responsible for initiating advising contact and preparing for advising sessions. The advising relationship between you and your academic advisor is protected by confidentiality.

Preparing for Your Appointment

  • Pre-Enrollment. In October-November and March-April there is a designated period to pre-enroll for next semester’s classes. Check your “Student Center” on KSIS for the exact date and time (enrollment appointment) you can enroll in classes on KSIS. You should plan to come and see your advisor a day or two BEFORE that appointment time. You can schedule your appointment on SSC Campus.
  • Go to K-State Courses and create a complete schedule with all planned classes. Use your Grad plan to help you choose appropriate courses. After advising, enrollment can be completed on-line via KSIS.
  • Permission Course. Certain courses require special permission prior to enrollment. If you need permission for a class, please do that BEFORE our appointment. For ENGL 310 and ENGL 355, obtain permission in ECS 108. For any ESL classes, obtain permission in BH 238. Check with your advisor about other courses.
  • Dropping or Adding a Course. After enrollment, you may wish to drop or add classes. This may be accomplished via KSIS through the first week of classes. The advisor’s consent is required to drop or add a class after the first week of classes. Instructor permission is needed in order to add a class after the first week.
  • Most Courses Should be Graded. You are advised to use credit/no-credit and A-Pass-F options cautiously. All courses used in any areas for which you expect to be licensed must be graded. In General Education, the courses specifically stated as required must be graded. Other courses may be A-Pass-F if available with this option, and at the 300 level or higher. All courses specifically listed in the major by name or number must be graded. The university requires that 5/6 of the total K-State credits applied toward the degree be graded. Credit by Exam classes can be accepted with the grade CR.
  • Overload Credits in a Semester. Ordinarily, you will take 15-17 credit hours each semester. Enrollment for more than 18 credits in the fall or spring semester is considered an overload, and permission must be obtained from an advisor in the Center for Student Success and Professional Services.

Enrollment Documents

This worksheet will aid you in creating/visualizing your schedule each semester.

Summer/Fall 2019 Enrollment Worksheet (DOCX)

Block Schedules:

Summer 2019

Fall 2019

Student Teaching:

Fall 2019 Student Teaching Information (PDF)

The professional semester is commonly known as student teaching. It occurs in the fall or spring semester of the senior year. There is no student teaching experience offered during summer sessions. Student teaching is graded credit/no credit. For information specific to student teaching, go to the Office of Field Experiences, 244 Bluemont Hall to retrieve the "Professional Semester Information" document.

Center for Student Success and Professional Services

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Assistant Dean/Director
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