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College of Education

College of Education
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Dr. Todd Goodson
Department Chair
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Department of Curriculum and Instruction

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is committed to addressing the needs of a broadly divergent set of constituencies. Our program involves undergraduate and graduate components in both elementary and secondary education.

Our primary responsibility, as part of one of the oldest and strongest land-grant universities in the nation, is providing quality instruction and clinical supervision in both on-campus and field-based settings. Our major goal– developing educators who are knowledgeable, ethical, caring decision makers– is intertwined throughout our undergraduate program and is the basis for our national accreditation by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). To meet this goal, students are prepared as educators to appreciate differing viewpoints, consider new and divergent thinking, weigh ideas carefully, evaluate conventional wisdom, and obtain accurate and useful knowledge.

For over 25 years, K-State has utilized a Professional Development School Network with local school districts. Professional Development Schools strengthen and integrate practical field experiences and play a critical role in the professionalization of teaching. Partner schools serve as sites to integrate theory from professional studies with practice in clinical settings where fieldwork is interspersed and aligned with course work.

Curriculum and Instruction Programs and Endorsements

Elementary Education Program

The elementary education program prepares candidates to teach children in kindergarten through sixth grade in a self-contained classroom. Elementary education is a career in which teachers enjoy the satisfaction of helping children learn, work closely with other caring adults, and contribute to the future of the world by educating tomorrow's leaders.

Secondary Education Program

The secondary education program prepares candidates to teach in grades six through twelve (high schools, junior high schools, and middle schools). Secondary teachers prepare to teach in one or more content areas. Critical and analytical thinking, careful and thoughtful communication, and a desire to explore, question, and solve problems are promoted in the secondary education major.

Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies

The educational studies program prepares successful candidates to participate in shaping and making educational policy, working with youth in non-school settings, preparing for international teaching, or participating in the entrepreneurial realm.

Graduate Programs

The graduate program in Curriculum and Instruction offers a variety of graduate-level courses in all curricular areas with specific emphasis upon trends and recent developments in practice, theory, and research. Our graduate faculty have a professional commitment to the delivery of exemplary instruction; production, interpretation, and dissemination of sound and useful research and scholarship; leadership, collaboration, and service within the profession; and promotion, understanding, and celebration of diversity. Graduate degrees include the Master of Science (M.S.), the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.), the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), and the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.). For more information about the Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Program, please contact Dr. Kay Ann Taylor, Director, at 785-532-6974 or ktaylor@k-state.edu.

Certificate and Endorsement Programs

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