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Our collaborative work space inside the Catalyst Center with a wide range of activities, tools and materials available for making, learning, and exploring. Materials and resources are available for use in the Catalyst or for checkout.

Resources available for use in the Catalyst ONLY – no checkout:
  • ShotBox Photo Studio
  • MakerBot 3D Replicators
  • Die-Cutting Machine and Dies

Materials available for checkout:
  • Tinkertoy Sets:
    • Classic Jumbo
    • Wild Wheels Building
  • K'NEX Sets:
    • Deluxe Building
    • Education Force and Newton's Laws
    • Elementary Math and Geometry
    • Intro to Simple Machines
    • Simple and Compound Machines
  • Sphero.com Robots
    • SPRK+
    • Ollie
  • Ozobot Evo
  • Osmo Sets
    • Genius Kits
    • Must check out Starter or Genius Kit to have a base for the following sets:
      • Numbers
      • Coding Jam
      • Pizza Co
      • Coding with Awbie
      • Creative Set
  • Magformers Challenger Set (112 pieces)
    • Deluxe Magnetic Building Blocks
    • Educational Magnetic Tiles Kit
    • Magnetic Construction Shapes STEM Set
  • BuzzBot and MuttBot Kit Jimu Robots by UBTECH
  • Awesome Clip Connect Sets
  • Lincoln Log Sets
  • ZOOB Building Sets
  • LEGO Young Builders Creative Suitcase
  • Marbulous Marble Run Sets
  • Cubelets Robot Construction System
  • VIAHART Brain Flakes Interlocking Plastic Disc Sets
  • IKOS Multicolor Rainbow Spherical Building Blocks
  • Melissa and Doug Suspend Game
  • Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears!
  • LittleBits STEAM Student Sets
  • Tangram Classroom Set (32 tangrams)
  • Base Ten Classroom Blocks Sets (enough for 10 individuals each)
  • Unifix Cubes Classroom Set
  • Pattern Block Sets (enough for 5 individuals to have 250 pieces each)
  • Cuisinaire Rods Classroom Sets (enough for 15 individual sets)

Makerspace Bibliography (PDF) prepared by Eric Lawrence