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College of Education honors student shares her research posterCollege of Education honors students shares their research posterCollege of Education honors students discuss their research with Dr. Julie ThieleCollege of Education honors student Tori Mitchell shares her research posterCollege of Education student shares her research poster with Dr. Cindy Shuman

Honors Program

The University Honors Program, or the UHP, encourages students to grow in the intellectual craft of scholarship. Through cultural and performing arts events, skill-development workshops, travel opportunities and challenging course work, UHP students develop intellectual curiosity about the world, its wonders and its complexity. The UHP challenges students to reach their full potential as scholarly, competent and fulfilled leaders.

For more information, inquire in the Honors Program office in 215 Fairchild Hall, the Center for Student Success and Professional Services in Bluemont Hall Room 13, or contact Kelly Briggs, College of Education Coordinator, University Honors Program, kbriggs10@k-state.edu or 785-532-5524.

Honors Research Projects, 2002-present

Projects by K-State College of Education honors program students are available to view.