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Honors Research Projects, 2002-Present

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Ashton, KatieAliteracy: What Parents and Teachers Can Do to Stop ItDr. Lori Norton-Meier
Ast, KyleyFrom Student to Teacher: An Autoethnography Documenting the Transitions from Student to Student TeacherDr. J. Spencer Clark
Banks, RachelEffective Classroom TransitionsDr. Paul Burden
Bell, EmilyAttitudinal Differences Towards MathematicsDr. Jennifer Bay-Williams
Bertels, AllisonImplementing Art History Curriculum in the General History ClassroomDr. Brad Burenheide
Blush, AmandaPre-Service Teacher Survey: Parental Involvement in SchoolsDr. Marilyn Kaff
Bodlak, ErinFactors Affecting Retention Rate Among Beginning TeachersDr. Paul Burden
Borntrager, JaimieJourney Towards Full-Day Kindergarten: Transitions,
Time and Teaching
Dr. Laurie Curtis
Braun, AmandaVariation in Phlox condensata: Exploring Cytotypic Patterns Relative to Morphology and GeographyDr. Carolyn Ferguson 
Carlisle, NicoleDetermining the Effect of Exposure to K-State's Honor
Pledge on Understanding the Honor Pledge
Dr. David Allen
Carpenter, ShelbyBibliotherapy in the Elementary Classroom: Using Literature to Navigate TraumaDr. Suzanne Porath
Clary, BrendanResidential Belonging: Examining the Impacts of Residential Learning Communities on Student OutcomesDr. Gregory Eiselein
Daniels, RobinSTEM of the Arts: Incorporating Art into STEM FieldsDr. Sherri Martinie
Davis, CourtneyExploring Reading Comprehension of Elementary English Language LearnersDr. Lotta Larson
DeBey, DeanellAn Investigation of High School Students' Attitudes Toward School and LearningDr. Peggy Dettmer
DeLoach, VanessaAutism Spectrum Disorders and Recognition of Emotional Expression in Child Faces and ParalanguageDr. Jim Teagarden and
Dr. Marilyn Kaff
Dicus, KimberlyBlock Scheduling in Secondary Math ClassroomsDr. Steve Harbstreit
Duden, RachaelSTEM of the Arts: Incorporating Art into STEM FieldsDr. Sherri Martinie 
Duncan, LindsayAttitudes of Middle School Mathematics Teachers Towards
the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' Standards
Dr. John Dalida
Eck, KristenDreaded Decimals: A Study on Decimal ComparisonDr. Sherri Martinie
Ezell, RayannaAn Angel Came Down: A Christmas MusicalDr. Sally Bailey
Feil, TravisMHS Freshmen Reading AssessmentDr. Todd Goodson
Funk, JenniferThe Write Team: An Online Writing Center for Middle
and High Schools
Dr. Todd Goodson
Grimmer, RachelPreparing Ethical Decision MakersDr. Robert Shoop
Gunzelman, KayleeSTEM of the Arts: Incorporating Art into STEM FieldsDr. Sherri Martinie
Hamm, MollyCreativity in the Classroom: The Perceptions of Future Teachers Concerning the Understanding and Fostering of Student CreativityDr. Jan Wissman and
Dr. Susan Rodgers
Hix, ElizabethThe Angel in the HouseDr. Todd Goodson
Hunt, RebeccaBelieve in STEAM: Addressing Concerns of Educators to Facilitate ImplementationDr. Julie Thiele
Kelly, BridgettUsing Research in the Classroom to Identify and Support Vulnerable ChildrenDr. Kerry Priest
Lawrence, TiffaniInterdisciplinary Pirouettes: Combining Teacher Education Techniques with DanceDr. Lori Goodson
Lehr, HannaPicture Books in the Secondary ClassroomDr. Suzanne Porath
Leichter, JessicaEnhancing Mathematical Fluency in the Elementary ClassroomDr. Chepina Rumsey
Llorente, JeremieTeacher Stress and Attrition in Kansas SchoolsDr. Judith Hughey
Lueger, RustyIntegrating Literature into the Mathematics ClassroomDr. Jennifer Bay-Williams
Luhrs, VictoriaPreparing Ethical Decision MakersDr. Robert Shoop
Lundine, AmyThe Effect of Teacher Comments on Writing Self-Efficacy
in Students
Dr. Stephen Benton
Marek, SarahRole of Literature and Translation in the ClassroomDr. Janice McGregor
May, JaredInitial Design of Honors Program Web SiteMs. Mary Hammel
McClain, AnneMusical Social Narrative ProjectDr. Jim Teagarden
McCosh, MichaelDissecting the Standard Essay and Moving Past ItDr. Vicki Sherbert
Morrow, CassandraConnections Between Differentiated Instruction and Mathematics Through Professional Development: 
A Follow Up
Dr. David Allen
Murphy, MichelleMusical Social Narrative ProjectDr. Marilyn Kaff and
Dr. Jim Teagarden
O'Halloran, MariaConnections Between Differentiated Instruction and Mathematics Through Professional DevelopmentDr. David Allen
Oehme, KevinAttitudinal Differences Towards MathematicsDr. Jennifer Bay-Williams
Parker, ChelseaExploration and Application of Literary Elements in
Creative Short Fiction
Dr. Katherine Karlin
Patterson, DanielInstructional Gaming in Social StudiesDr. Brad Burenheide
Patterson, HannahInterdisciplinary Lessons Featuring MusicJanie Brokenicky
Paz, JosephLatent Potential paper
Latent Potential poster
James Alberto
Peele, LydiaThe Young and the Rest of UsDr. David Allen
Pottroff, ChristyExploring Literature: Research Assistantship in Anthology Production and PublicationDr. David Allen
Rajewski, SarahThe Importance of Digital Storytelling in the ClassroomMs. Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
Ratkey, LaurenA History of the College of Education Honors ProgramDr. Jan Wissman
Reddi, UshaEffects of KSU Preservice Teacher-Paired Reading Program
on Reading Fluency and Comprehension of 2nd, 3rd, and
4th Grades
Dr. Marjorie Hancock
Reno, JessyOr So I’ve Been Told: A Children’s Book on ADHDDr. Jim Teagarden
Ricke, AudraIntegrating Math into the Art Curriculum Using Kansas StandardsMs. Sue Atchison
Satterlee, SarahTeacher Perspectives on Using Music in the ClassroomDr. Laurie Curtis
Schmidt, JanealCivic Textbook AnalysisDr. Tom Vontz
Schnake, KaraDoes The Medium in Which Homework is Given Affect Students’ Test Scores?Dr. Sheryl Hodge
Scott, LuciaGender Neutral Pronouns in the ClassroomDr. Tonnie Martinez
Spare, JessicaConnections Between Differentiated Instruction and Mathematics Through Professional DevelopmentDr. David Allen
Stolfus, EmilyExploring the Concept of Collaboration in Ethiopian NGOs:
An Examination of Legal, Cultural, and Relational Leadership Factors which Influence Cooperation in the Nonprofit Sphere
Dr. Mary Tolar
Swagerty, MargaretCollaboration with KU Gear Up for Lesson Enrichment During the Professional Internship Semester at Arrowhead Middle SchoolDr. Bradley Burenheide
Tilden, EmilyNature Integration in the Elementary ClassroomJill Haukos
Tracy, CourtneyInvestigating Identification of Students whom are Twice Exceptional within the RTI ModelDr. Ann Knackendoffel
Whitman, CarleighThe Geography of Metaphor: Traveling, Learning, and the Writing ProcessDr. Vicki Sherbert
Wilson, Carmen E.Reading: Closing the Gap for Secondary CLD StudentsDr. Della Perez
Zabel, ElizabethAn Analysis of Literature and District Programs on Mentoring and Induction for First Year TeachersDr. Donna Augustine-Shaw
Zhang, DanChinese ESL Writers: How are they Special, and Why?Dr. Cydney Alexis