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College of Education

Field Experiences and Professional Development

The college offers students in Elementary and Secondary Education, Educational Studies, and the Master of Arts in Teaching programs a variety of classroom experiences and professional growth opportunities to develop educators who are knowledgeable, ethical caring decision makers.

As part of the educational experiences in your professional program, students will engage and document 40 hours worth of professional development and service.

elementary education field experiences

secondary education field experiences

educational studies field experiences

master of arts in teaching field experiences


Eileen Wertzberger, Coordinator of Field Experiences
Bluemont Hall 201 – 785-532-6158 – ejm7777@k-state.edu

Mary Marston, Educational Studies Program Coordinator
Bluemont Hall 201 – 785-532-6171 – mmarston@k-state.edu

Laura Schwartz, Administrative Assistant
Bluemont Hall 261 – 785-532-5908 – lschwartz@k-state.edu