StepAhead Provisional Endorsement in Special Education

The StepAhead Provisional Endorsement is for Secondary Education undergraduate students in the College of Education with an interest in special education. Students who want to begin teaching special education before completing a full licensure program can follow this plan, completing the required special education coursework and student teaching with a Special Education Practicum (during the final semester with their content area student teaching).

Individuals successfully completing this option will be eligible for provisional endorsement in high incidence secondary special education after accepting a special education teaching position.

Almost 7 million U.S. students are served under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
Approximately 13% of the population ages 6-17 is identified as having a disability
In a typical classroom of 30 students there are at least 4 students with disabilities
  • Special education is instruction specially designed to meet the unique needs of a child whose disability affects his or her educational performance or ability to learn in a regular classroom
  • Special education teachers are trained to use specialized teaching methods and programs to meet specific learning needs of students with disabilities

Why Consider a Provisional Endorsement?

  • You’re getting a “StepAhead” to a Master’s degree!
  • It allows you to work as a special education teacher while finishing a Special Education endorsement for the State of Kansas.
  • Better preparation for including students with special needs in your general education classroom.
  • A special education background increases your opportunities of getting a teaching job!

Marcus Kidd
Assistant Director of Enrollment Management and Institutional Partnerships