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Special Education QuickStart Program

Tuition Information: See the Cashiers and Student Accounts website for tuition and fee schedules.

The Special Education QuickStart Program is for Elementary education majors interested in working as an elementary special education teacher or with students with special needs within an elementary general education classroom.

There are Two QuickStart Options:

1. Those who want to be a Special Education Teacher 
(Elementary Education with a Provisional Endorsement Option)

  • This option is for students who want to begin working as a special education teacher immediately after completing their undergraduate degree in elementary education. It includes a dual student teaching assignment with half of the semester in a general education classroom and the other half with a special education teacher. Individuals completing this option will be eligible for a provisional endorsement in high incidence special education after accepting a special education teaching position. To obtain full endorsement, you will continue in the master’s degree program and complete the remaining courses for full endorsement in high incidence special education.
  • Courses for this option:
    • EDSP 509 – Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • EDSP 711 – Characteristics of Exceptionalities
    • EDSP 742 – Interventions: Emotional Behavior Disorders
    • EDSP 777 – Social Emotional Learning & Behavior Management Strategies
    • EDSP 743 – Interventions: Academic Disabilities
    • The courses listed above must be taken prior to the student teaching semester in order to request a dual student teaching placement in both elementary and special education.
    • EDSP 785 – Practicum I: High Incidence (taken during the student teaching semester; must be enrolled for graduate credit)

2. General educators wanting more knowledge to meet the needs of ALL students in their general education classrooms (Elementary Education with an area of concentration in Special Education Option (without dual student teaching and no provisional endorsement)

  • This option is for those who want some background coursework in special education that will benefit them when working with all students within the general education classroom. Individuals who choose this option may decide to go on to pursue a master’s degree in special education at some point down the road but it is not their intent to work as a special education teacher immediately after graduation.
  • Courses for this option are the same as the option above but do not include the dual student teaching option with the special education practicum.

Additional Courses Needed After the QuickStart Program to Become a Fully Endorsed Special Education Teacher

Graduate Courses – All Online

  • EDSP 745 – Consulting Process in Special Education
  • EDSP 778 – Technology for Special Education
  • EDSP 830 – Assessment in Special Education
  • EDSP 848 – Transitions in Special Education
  • EDSP 800 – Practicum II

The above courses along with the QuickStart program will lead to full endorsement in High Incidence Special Education. If you wish to complete the master’s program, you will need to select additional courses from the list below:

  • EDSP 841 – Interventions: Low Incidence
  • EDSP 849 – Interventions: Autism
  • EDSP 885 – Practicum: Low Incidence

Consult with your advisor for other course options.

QuickStart Program contacts:

Nicole Meritt – nicolemeritt@ksu.edu
Dr. Marilyn Kaff – mkaff@ksu.edu

QuickStart Brochure (PDF)

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