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Humanity Looks Good on Everyone: Outreach for Autism in Africa

Filmed in the summer of 2012, Humanity Looks Good on Everyone has been seen on local and regional PBS stations in Kansas and Utah. In 2008 Dr. Marilyn Kaff, a special education associate professor from Kansas State University, went on her first trip to Tanzania. Her goal was to help improve special education and teacher training at the Sebastion Kolowa University College. During that time she traveled to a number of villages and small communities where schools were being set up to help youth with severe disabilities including autism. What she discovered there inspired her to give of her time and talents. But her trip was limited, and she knew she needed to come back. Since that time she has returned each year with teams of volunteer students from Kansas State University to help identify autistic children, and then to train the local teachers and parents how to teach them.

For more information, please contact Dr. Marilyn Kaff at mkaff@k-state.edu.

The full documentary, made possible with the support of Kansas State University's College of Education, can be seen below.