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College of Education

Submitting a Research Proposal

Timeline for Research Proposal Submissions

3-6 Months

  • Identify funding opportunity
  • Inform Supervisor/Department Chair of plan to submit
  • Inform ADR office (Dr. Cindy Shuman – cshuman@k-state.edu) of intent to submit
  • Identify resources needed and establish writing timeline
  • Identify collaborators and start participation discussions
  • Contact Program Officer

2+ Months

  • Consult COE Grant Specialist (Susan Erichsen – sle@k-state.edu) to initiate Cayuse record (electronic proposal system) and funding agency electronic user name
  • Inform COE Grant Specialist about any subcontractors that will be paid from grant funds
  • Writing continues
  • IRB Application if needed
  • Schedule ADR office editing if desired

1-2 Months

  • Meet with COE Grant Specialist and prepare draft budget
  • Contact Program Officer if additional questions arise
  • Contact colleagues for external review if desired
  • Continue revising and incorporating feedback

3 Weeks

  • Budget finalized
  • Draft ancillary documents (letters of support, Current & Pending, biosketch, Data Management Plans, Facilities and Resources, etc.)

2 Weeks

  • Narrative finalized
  • Final review of all materials

8 Business Days before Deadline

  • Submit final materials to Grant Specialist
  • Adhere to Pre-Awards policy