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Abel Frederic
Senior Director of Development
Kansas State University Foundation
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We Believe…in Education

The Wildcat experience doesn’t end on graduation day. According to many College of Education philanthropists, the promise of a better future with high-quality, passionate teachers inspires gifts of all sizes.

Giving to the K-State College of Education

Welcome and thank you for your interest in giving to the College of Education.

We have so much positive to report. It’s unfortunate the good news often gets lost amid confusing media coverage about the state of education in the country and the never-ending stories of budget shortfalls and cuts.

So, here’s great news from the College of Education at K-State: Because of philanthropists (defined by intent, not size of gift), the college has awarded 973 scholarships totaling more than $1.3 million over the last five years! We can only imagine the high-quality, passionate teachers who will be leading classrooms and changing lives because of the generosity of alumni, faculty and friends.

Not everyone with a charitable intent can write a big check. It’s more important to have the desire to make a difference. Many college donors structured their gifts unique to their personal financial situations guided by the foundation’s gift planning experts. The choices are amazing: life insurance and annuities, land and real estate, personal property, estate gifts and much more. With all these options, it has never been easier to take care of your family and your alma mater.

Please contact us if you would like more information about making a gift or if you have included the college in your estate plans. It’s important to have your gift documented through the foundation for clarity purposes, and because we want you to receive the recognition you deserve!

We invite you to please take a few minutes to watch our video and get acquainted with what inspired people to give.

Abel Frederic
Senior Director of Development

Kansas State University Foundation
Office: 800-432-1578

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