1. Kansas Educational Leadership Institute

Kansas Educational Leadership Institute

Welcome to KELI!


Mission Statement

The mission of the Kansas Educational Leadership Institute is to collaborate and share resources to support professional growth of educational leaders needed in Kansas schools for the 21st Century.

KELI’s mission is divided into two strands: the induction and mentoring of new superintendents and principals, and the ongoing professional learning opportunities for district and school leaders and leadership teams.

Collaboration at its Best

The KELI partners have entered into a collaborative agreement to provide advanced leadership development and mentoring for educational leaders, to be provided in a progressive, safe, and reflective environment. The collaborative calls for:

  • Retreats centered on deep learning
  • Onsite mentoring by experienced professional mentors
  • Ongoing support and professional development
  • Expansion to Kansas educational leaders at all levels
  • High quality collaboration for best inputs and high quality assessment of outcomes

“What is so powerful about this program is our mentors will be out in the field, coaching and teaching mentees how to survive in the real world while being a conduit for deep learning.” — Mary Devin, Former Executive Director

→ Download a copy of the KELI brochure (PDF)

Dr. Rick Doll

Executive Director

Jaishri Ram

Administrative Assistant