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Our college has a strong history of engagement and collaboration with a variety of educational constituencies. Our alumni and friends are important to us and we celebrate their endeavors and successes in the classroom and in their lives. We value our partnerships and alliances and the synergy that is created to enhance education locally, within the state, and beyond. We also applaud the commitment of those who give to the college to help prepare future educators and support the work that the college does to enhance educational leadership.

  • Our Alumni and Friends help keep us networked in various educational endeavors
  • The Forever EDCATS initiative celebrates and assists graduates in their new careers with advice and resources
  • The Crash the Class video series recognizes early career teachers in their new classrooms
  • Our Partnerships with like-minded alliances help us work in concert to assist specific educational audiences
  • Our Professional Development School Network is a shared commitment to the preparation of future educators
  • The Summer STEM Institute partners our faculty and students with Manhattan-Ogden School District staff to bring STEM learning activities to middle school students
  • The College of Education, College of Health and Human Sciences, and the Staley School of Leadership Studies have joined together to form the Wildcat Community Tutoring and Educational Enhancement Initiative
  • Through Philanthropy, those who believe in our ability to prepare future educators can invest their time and resources to support our faculty, students and programs