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Final Examination and Graduation

Approval to Schedule Final Examination

Early in the semester that students are planning to graduate, they must submit the Approval to Schedule Final Examination form. Students should type their name, K-State eID, and WID on the form and email it to Program Assistant Shelly Houser at shouser@k-state.edu. Students are not required to come to campus for a final exam. The final project serves as the final exam.

Online Graduation Application

The Graduate School requires all candidates for master’s degrees to submit the graduation application via the student center in the K-State Student Information System (KSIS) before the Final Exam form is processed.

The graduation application will add students to the list of candidates for degree completion as well as update the degree/diploma name and mailing address. In order to submit the graduation application you must log into KSIS and go to “Academics” in the “Student Center.” Open the “Other Academic” list box and click “Apply for Graduation” and then click go (>>) and complete the online application.

Step by step instructions on applying for graduation are available in KSIS Help.


Students are welcome and encouraged to come to campus to participate in graduation ceremonies. The Graduate School recognizes graduates at University Commencement ceremonies in May. Formal participation in a University Commencement ceremony is reserved for those students who have satisfied all requirements for the degree. They must have submitted all materials, including notification of intent to participate in the ceremony, to the Graduate School by the specified deadline dates. Please visit Graduate School Graduation and Commencement for more information.