Office of Innovation and Collaboration

The Office of innovation and Collaboration coordinates district partnerships and provides innovative approaches to educator development.

Many ever-changing and challenging issues face educators and our schools… technology, school safety, English language learners, dropout rates, new standards, curriculum and assessment requirements… the list goes on. To best respond to many of these timely real-practice issues, the College of Education formally established the Office of Innovation and Collaboration. This office is the hub of our outreach to public schools. Through dedicated faculty, evidenced-based research, and innovative approaches to educator development, professionals can come together to address pressing educational issues and create pathways for positive action.


The College of Education has a national reputation of strength in partnerships. Building on 25 years of partnering with local districts in a professional development school model, the Office of Innovation and Colaboration oversees a new and unique parthership with the Shawnee Mission School District in order to maximize opportunities for shared investigation and explore innovative instructional approaches for pre-service and in-service educators.

Educator Development

Innovation is our first name. A new state-of-the art learning space, AREA 22 is the first facility of its kind on campus and includes technology that allows for interdisciplinary collaboration, entrepeneurship, and an agility to engage the connected world in which we teach. Add the college's growing expertise in technology, flexbook and app development, and you can see how we are throughtfully and relentlessly improving the landscape of educator development.

Indicators of success:

  • Development of innovative approaches and solutions to pressing education issues

  • Increase partnership and educator development opportunities that help the College address 2025 goals

  • Increase College of Education external funding through partnership related activities

  • Increase percentage of faculty serving as investigators on external grants that involve collaborative efforts with public schools

  • Increase the number of publications/presentations from K-State generated projects, especially cited work

Office of Innovation and Collaboration

Dr. Tonnie Martinez