Listen and You Can Hear the Call,

the Journey of Kansas State University’s Bluemont Bell

Written by Nancy Hause, edited by Debbie Mercer, and Patrice Scott.

All profits from the sale of this book will benefit K-State students preparing to be educators in the College of Education. We thank you for your support!

Listen and you can hear the call book cover

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Take a journey through time!

Our history is what ties us all together as well as defines our future. “Listen and You Can Hear the Call, the Journey of Kansas State University’s Bluemont Bellwas written by Nancy Hause (KSU Alumni, 1982). Hause pens the story of the Bluemont Bell and the impact it continues to have so many years after its first ringing in 1863. The historic Bluemont Bell can now be found in front of Bluemont Hall in the Holen Courtyard. This special book takes you on the journey from a piece of metal being transformed into a bell through the written word and unique pieces of art. Future teachers enrolled in the College of Education help make history come to life through beautiful renditions of the Bluemont Bell. All illustrations are straight from their imagination. The bell is very special to College of Education students who hear the bell rung as a welcome to the college and then experience ringing it themselves at commencement. Now, we can all hear the call and learn about the history of the historic Bluemont Bell.