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Faculty Mentoring Program

Mentoring of junior faculty is vitally important to higher education institutions in order to enhance the richness and diversity of higher education’s professorship.
– Hardwick, 2005

The college’s Faculty Mentoring Program was formally established by the COE Faculty Assembly in 1999, after the completion of a year of design and pilot study by a task force appointed by Dean Mike Holen. The chair of the task force was Associate Dean Jan Wissman. The first coordinator of the program was Linda Thurston, Associate Dean, who was a member of the originating task force.

The goals of the program are to:

  • build and sustain faculty continuing professional development and satisfaction;

  • assist new faculty in becoming accomplished, productive and successful in teaching, research, and service;

  • ease the transition of new faculty from graduate school to the professorship and to K-State;

  • provide opportunities for new faculty to develop social and professional relationships within the college and across the campus;

  • provide individualized professional and career guidance, as well as social and emotional support to new faculty through the tenure process;

  • provide senior faculty opportunities to share their expertise and expand their contributions to the college as a whole.

All new untenured, tenure-track faculty are invited to join the program and may participate until they are tenured. The mentees and mentors are paired for each academic year. The program activities that engage the mentors/mentees are monthly luncheons, various seminars that include topics such as grant writing, special speakers and presentations, and other professional development and social activities.

Dr. Jeff Zacharakis, Mentoring Program Coordinator – jzachara@k-state.edu

An article from the International Journal of Learning about our program:
A Ten-Year Faculty Mentoring Program: Administrator, Mentor, and Mentee Perspectives (PDF)
Authors: Linda P. Thurston, Lori Navarrete and Teresa Miller