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Porath serves as editor of research journal

Suzanne Porath, associate professor of curriculum and instruction, served as editor of the winter 2023 issue of Networks: An Online Journal for Teacher Research.

Registration open for K-State College of Education's 5th Annual Rural Education Summit

The fifth annual Rural Education Summit from Kansas State University's College of Education will feature keynote addresses from national education leaders in place-based learning and rural literacy. The event will be held virtually Thursday, April 6.

Boyer Family, Community First National Bank Endow $50,000 “Champion of Diversity” Scholarship in the College of Education

The family of Dr. James Boyer and Community First National Bank have created a scholarship for College of Education students at Kansas State University. The hope is to support students of color pursuing degrees in education.

How K-Stater CharMaine Hines ’21 and her research are changing the conversation about diversity in educational leadership

For CharMaine Hines ’21, her dissertation project was more than just an assignment, or a milestone to check off her list on a path to a doctoral degree. She was digging into data, uncovering stories that needed to be told, and giving voice to people who historically hadn’t been provided a platform to share their experiences and opinions

Third Party Comments for CAEP Accreditation Visit

The College of Education at Kansas State University is hosting an accreditation visit by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) on April 2-4, 2023. Interested parties are invited to submit third-party comments to the evaluation team. Please note that comments must address substantive matters related to the quality of professional education programs offered and should specify the party's relationship to the provider (i.e., graduate, present or former faculty member, employer of graduates).

We invite you to submit written testimony to:


1140 19th Street NW, Suite 400

Washington, DC 20036

Or by email to:

Such comments must be within the specified period and based on the core tenets of CAEP accreditation standards of excellence, which recognize that:

  • In CAEP's performance-based system, accreditation is based on evidence that demonstrates that teacher candidates know the subject matter and can teach it effectively so that students learn. In the CAEP system, EPPs must prove that candidates can connect theory to practice and be effective in an actual P-12 classroom.
  • A professional education provider that is accredited by CAEP is expected to be involved in ongoing planning and evaluation; engaged in continuous assessment and development; ensure that faculty and programs reflect new knowledge, practice, and technologies; and be involved in continuous development in response to the evolving world of education and educational reform.
  • Comments must address substantive matters related to the quality of professional education programs offered, and should specify the respondent's relationship, if any, to the institution (i.e., graduate, present or former faculty member, employer of graduates). Copies of all correspondence received will be sent to the university for comment prior to the review.


Hot Topics

The Hot Topics series provides EDCATS and our educational partners opportunities to engage in professional learning focusing on topics such as professionalism and self-care; diversity and globalism; classroom pedagogy; and research and reflection. Students can earn professional development hours through participating in the activities associated with each session.


EduCATion Today: The Issues and The Experts

The Issues and The Experts is a web series addressing current issues in the field of education hosted by Dean Debbie Mercer.


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