Diversity Initiatives


The College of Education’s longstanding commitment to diversity can be seen throughout the collective work of its departments, centers, and programs since the early 1990s.

With the leadership and support of Dean Debbie Mercer, the College of Education has built upon this legacy with new innovative programs and augmentations to existing programs that enhance diversity – within the college, the university, the state, and the region.

Guiding these initiatives is the vision statement for the college: "Preparing educators to be knowledgeable, ethical, caring decision makers, in a diverse and changing world." While there are numerous noteworthy programs and initiatives going on in the college, we encourage you to read about some of our key efforts below.

Professional Development Opportunities

Our College has a proud history of providing professional development opportunities – in the form of summer institutes, book studies, guest lectures, and workshops – for faculty, staff, graduate teaching assistants, and students.

Recruitment and Retention of Diverse, Faculty and Staff

The College of Education strongly believes that a “a diverse and changing world” requires the efforts and perspectives of individuals from different backgrounds and identities. To affirm our vision statement, the College draws from a number of offices and initiatives to recruit and retain talented individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Faculty Guide for Difficult Conversations

This guide and the resources provided with it exist to help K-State faculty engage in difficult and necessary conversations, to serve all of our students and to fully realize our Principles of Community.

Important Dates and Events

Exciting and educational events promoting diversity and inclusion are happening all around us! K-State and the College of Education lead the way celebrating these important occasions.










Visit the Diversity Calendar to see all important dates and events that are happening here at K-State, locally, nationally, and internationally! If you know of an important date or event that should be added to the calendar, please feel free to contact Diversity Coordinator Chloe Wurst at cnwurst@ksu.edu to have them added to the list!


Diversity Staff

Pedro EspinozaPedro Espinoza, Diversity Point Person – pedro1@k-state.edu

Pedro is currently a Teaching Assistant Professor in the College of Education. As the College of Education Diversity Point Person, Pedro is responsible for a number of duties related to the college’s strategic planning of diversity and inclusion initiatives. In this position, Pedro also acts as the liaison between the College and the President’s Commission on Multicultural Affairs, where he collaborates with Diversity Point People from across the University to set diversity goals and policies, under the guidance of the University’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer. Pedro has served as the College’s Diversity Point Person since 2018.

Chloe WurstChloe Wurst, Graduate Diversity Coordinator – cnwurst@ksu.edu

Chloe Wurst is originally from southern California where she attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, earning a BS in Kinesiology with a minor in Women Gender Studies. She obtained a master’s degree in Leadership Management, Organizational Development from the University of La Verne and is currently a doctoral student in the inaugural cohort for the Ph.D. program in Leadership in Academic Advising at Kansas State University. Her professional responsibilities include collaborating with university faculty, staff, and student bodies to generate new strategic goals to help maintain COE's commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as it aligns with the institutional priority of working toward a more diverse and inclusive K-State.

Diversity Initiative

Pedro Espinoza
Diversity Point Person

Chloe Wurst
Graduate Diversity Coordinator