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College of Education

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Bachelor's Degree Programs

K-State Elementary student teacherStudies in the College of Education begin in a curriculum described as pre-professional, either elementary education pre-professional (EDPPE) or secondary education pre-professional (EDPPS).

In this curriculum approximately 50 semester hours of general education is completed, including prerequisites for the professional courses.

Upon completion of at least 50 semester hours, as well as the teacher education admission requirements, students are eligible to make formal application to the professional education program. At that time, the curriculum is changed to a degree track curriculum in either elementary or secondary education.

K-State Secondary student teacherPrograms

Elementary Education (K-6)
The elementary education program prepares students to teach children in kindergarten through sixth grade in self-contained classrooms.

Secondary Education (6-12)
The secondary education program prepares students to teach in grades 6 through 12. Secondary educators teach in high schools, junior high schools, and middle schools. Secondary teachers prepare to teach in one or more content areas.


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