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College of Education

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Academic Programs

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Studies in the College of Education begin in a curriculum described as pre-professional, either elementary education pre-professional (EDPPE) or secondary education pre-professional (EDPPS). In this curriculum approximately 50 semester hours of general education will be completed including prerequisites for the professional courses. Upon completion of at least 50 semester hours, as well as the teacher education admission requirements, students will be eligible to make formal application to the professional education program. At that time, the curriculum will be changed to a degree track curriculum in either elementary or secondary education.

Elementary Education
Secondary Education

Graduate Programs

The College of Education offers a variety of master's and doctoral degree opportunities, each with the reputation as being awarded by one of the top colleges in the country. We also offer graduate certificates, graduate endorsements and licensure programs for school specialist and school leadership. Our courses are taught by diverse faculty and staff, with expertise and experience that will help you discover whatever it is you want to learn.

Master's Degree Programs

Master of Arts in Teaching
Academic Advising
Adult and Continuing Education
Curriculum and Instruction
Educational Leadership
Special Education
College Student Development
School Counseling

Doctoral Degree Programs
Adult and Continuing Education
Curriculum and Instruction
Counselor Education and Supervision
Educational Leadership
Special Education
Student Affairs in Higher Education

Graduate Certificates

Endorsements for Licensure Requiring Work Beyond the Bachelor's Degree

Online Programs through K-State Global Campus
Courses for Educators – Global Campus