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College of Education

University Services and Resources

Career Center
Provides assistance in choosing a major or career track, and assists undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni in all areas of career planning and employment

Student Access Center
Works with students to arrange appropriate academic accommodations for students with documented disabilities

Educational Supportive Services
Assists first-generation, low-income, and disabled students

Hale Library
Houses a collection of over one million volumes and includes services such as lounges, study areas, copy and imaging machines, and slide viewing areas

Lafene Health Center
Available to all students, maintains an outpatient ambulatory care unit, including x-ray services, pharmacy, clinical laboratory, as well as health, education and wellness promotions

Non-traditional and Veteran Student Services
Provides opportunities and resources to address any questions and/or concerns you may have about being an adult nontraditional student (age 25 or older, a parent, married, or returning to school after an absence) including free tutoring

Registrar’s Office
Maintains all official academic records; obtain transcripts of coursework completed at K-State (no charge for currently enrolled students, otherwise, $10.00 charge per copy)

Office of Student Financial Assistance
Assists students needing scholarships, loans, grants, and other forms of financial support

Student Governing Association
Responsible for voicing the concerns of the student body and serving as an underlying force of cooperation between the faculty, the students, and the colleges

Office of Student Activities and Services
Compliments the academic programs and enhances the overall educational experience of students through exposure to and participation in social, cultural, recreational and governance programs

University Counseling Services
Provides brief intervention in a student’s life that may assist in decision making, skill building, or mental health support