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College of Education

Consultation and Learning Strategies for School Counselors,
Special Education Teachers and Classroom Teachers

The Department of Special Education, Counseling and Student Affairs is devoted to improving student achievement through the enhancement of consultation and collaboration between school counselors and teachers. Included here are role-playing scenes and podcasts related to the critical consultation between school counselors, special education teachers, and classroom teachers.

Consultation Between School Counselor and the Teacher of a Disruptive Child
Audio mp3 | Transcript (DOC)

Middle School Counselor Role in the IEP Process
Audio mp3 | Transcript (DOC)

Elementary School Counselor and Class Adaptations and Modifications
Audio mp3 | Transcript (DOC)

ACT Testing Accommodations for a High School Student with Learning Disabilities
Audio mp3 | Transcript (DOC)

Viewers are also encouraged to visit the IRIS Center website.