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Faculty Support and Resources

Support for the development of proposals for external funding is provided by the Office of the Associate Dean and key staff in the Dean's Office, as well as the services offered by the University in the Office of Research Development. Procuring funding to support research and development projects is a high priority in the college.

The Office of the Associate Dean coordinates these specific activities to support faculty's research and external funding endeavors:

  • Annual Friday Focus on Funding workshop series
  • Consultation on identifying and analyzing funding sources
  • Invitations to join collaborative projects with colleagues within the college and across campus.
  • Participation in KSU's annual trip to Washington, D.C. to meet funders.
  • Assistance with concept development, budget design, evaluation plan, and other components of proposals, including templates for common proposal elements.

Research Funding Available

To promote the college’s research agenda and the priorities of the college, research funding is available to faculty who have had open/alternative textbook development funding from the college or the university. $1,000 funding is provided for faculty to conduct experimental or quasi-experimental research to demonstrate the impact of the textbook developed on student learning.

Research stipends available to demonstrate the impact of open/alternative textbooks on postsecondary learners!
  • WHO: COE awardees of open/alternative textbook development funding from the college or university.
  • WHAT: $1,000 funding for conducting experimental or quasi-experimental   research to demonstrate the impact of the textbook on student learning. Funds will be placed in faculty DRA accounts.
  • WHEN: Immediately. Funds are available when the textbooks are completed and are ready for implementation in classrooms.
  • HOW: Applicants must complete a Request for Research Funds Application, which includes a brief description of the textbook, a statement of purpose for the research, a list of potential dependent variables, and a couple of sentences about potential design and methodology. Assistance with planning research design, methodology, instrumentation and data analysis will be provided if requested.
  • WHAT NEXT: Awardees will be asked to develop a complete research plan. Dr. Yang is available to work with faculty to design research plans and instrumentation. Faculty will have one year to complete their research. Awardees are asked to consider involving undergraduate students, especially honors students, and graduate students in their research. Assistance in data collection and analysis may be available from the Office of the Associate Dean.
  • FINAL PRODUCT REQUIRED: Awarded researchers may spend their award funds in any way allowed by university policy. Funds may be used to hire students to collect or analyze data but use of funds to conduct the research is not mandatory. Awardees are required to submit a research paper for potential submission to a journal or for a book. If students are involved, a submission to PJER is recommended.
  • WHY? The purpose of this research funding opportunity is to provide data about the relationship of the open/alternative textbooks and students learning. We have evidence of financial impact on students. We now need to know about the impact on learning in our college classrooms. This will help us:
    • talk to funders about the merits of our technology programs
    • add to the knowledge base in the field
    • involve students in research
    • demonstrate to students that educators always assess student learning
    • build publication numbers in the college
    • provide pilot data for a potential large college-wide proposal for external funding