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College of Education

Faculty Research

Faculty in the college are actively engaged in research activities that contribute to the knowledge base of education endeavors related to our programs. The College of Education produces research that impacts K-20 students, teachers and other school personnel, faculty, policy-makers and researchers across the nation.

White Papers

research white paper coverAccess, Engagement and Resilience During COVID-19 Remote Learning (PDF)

This white paper gives voice to the Kansas educators who pioneered continuous learning and redefined the delivery of “school” during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kansas teachers, school counselors and administrators did a phenomenal job of quickly adapting under unparalleled circumstances, and they should be commended for their work. Thus, it is important that their experiences, struggles, and fears from the front lines are given credence and voice to inform the needs and direction of education moving forward. This survey seeks to inform best practices upon school reentry, with the need for access to broadband and educational technology, strengthening engagement in diverse learning environments, priority on educator well-being, and focus on students’ social-emotional development.

Research Group Members:

  • Laura Bonella, MA/MLS, Associate Professor, KSU Libraries
  • Doris Carroll, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Morgan Jobe, M.S., Program Coordinator
  • Marilyn Kaff, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Jessica Lane, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • Tonnie Martinez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • Leah McKeeman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • Cindy Shuman, Ph.D, Associate Dean for Research

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Faculty in the Curriculum and Instruction department engage in various research efforts through numerous methods. These can range from state and national publications and presentation to service regarding state and national organizations, as well as service to specific area school districts and classrooms. The Research and Scholarship Committee recently implemented monthly Faculty Spotlight Seminars for faculty as well as for members of our Professional Development School partnerships. Additionally, the department provides Big Picture Day at the end of each semester where faculty share their recent projects.

Research and Engagement Activity

Faculty members are involved in a variety of activities throughout the year. These provide opportunities for creative ventures, connecting with area public school classrooms, and unique ways to help classroom teachers be successful. Often these develop based on specific needs of students and teachers, while tying in with a faculty member’s specific interest and skills. They can be brief projects or on-going ones that evolve through multiple semesters. Each semester the department’s Big Picture Day provides highlights of several of these activities.

Faculty Spotlight Seminars

Faculty Spotlight Seminars provide monthly opportunities for faculty to share their research and other activities with colleagues and receive their feedback. The seminars are informal discussions that enable department members to be more aware of what their colleagues are involved in, while also opening up numerous opportunities for collaboration. These presentations are also offered to members of our Professional Development School partnerships.