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College of Education

College of Education
006 Bluemont Hall
1114 Mid-Campus Drive North
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

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Abel Frederic
Senior Director of Development
Kansas State University Foundation
Office: 785-532-7586

Honor Roll of Giving

July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017

Dean's Club Ambassadors – $10,000 and Above

Jeanne and Charles Belew
Dwayne Broddle
Marilee and Rich Donaldson
Chuck and Sue Engel
Allan and Carolyn Harms
Lee and Barb Harris
Betty and Lee Higbie
Rod and Beverly Nash
Charles and Sandra Rankin
Margaret Ruccolo
Ann Zimmerman and Dexter Eggers

Dean's Club Benefactors - $1,000–$9,999

Jim Adams and Debbie Mercer
Kathy Borck
Donna Bright
Dwayne Broddle
Colene Henson Butler and Charles Butler
David and Heidi Butler
LeAnn and Stan Clark
Nancy and Charlie Craig
Gordon and Pat Crosby
Sheri and Bob Curry
Debbie and Mike Dawes
Karen and Jim Day
Terry and Ann Ecklund
Ronald and Joyce Epps
Timothy Etzel
Karol and Ben Finch
David and Jamie Griffin
Cynthia and Ken Habiger
Trina and Russell Harlow
Jan and Dick Hedges
Stephanie and Eugene Herl
Mike and Kathy Holen
Steven and Annette Huff
Ken and Judy Hughey
Sue and Basil Kelsey
Mike and Gloria Konold
Gary and Carol Lazarus
Cheryl and Richard Lewis
David and Ruth Martin
Eveanna Mosier
Joyce and Ken Nesmith
Karen and Don Norton
Gene and Judith Olander
Robert and Wendy Perkins
Jo Pralle
Kendra and Cory Ramsey
Alison and Mark Riegel
Sylvia and Roy Robinson
Michael Romaniszyn and Be Stoney
Nancy Ryan
Francis and Phyllis Sanders
Michael and Susan Scully
David and Eileen Simmons
Kimberly Staples
Brad Stauffer and Judy Molde-Stauffer
Maureen and Scott Stewart
Marilyn and Bill Taylor
Bob Thompson and Jeanne Curtis-Thompson
Linda Thurston
Janet and Dave Wavering
Ruth Wolfe
Don and Phyllis Woodhull
Dan and Cheryl Yunk

Dean's Club Mentors - $500–$999

David and Mary Ann Bond
Ann and Tracy Caine
Donald and Sally Chew
Joanne Clum
Nancy and Roger Coulter
Dale Dow
Allison and Matt Ebert
Larry and Genera Farmer
Joyce and Martin Fee
Elizabeth and N. D. Garnett
Abby and David Gourley
Patricia and Charlie Grimwood
Marcia and Allen Hahn
Patricia and Steve Hanson
Elizabeth and Thad Henry
Susan and Charles Herman
Carolyn and David* Hinderliter
Trudy Hoffman
Becky and John Howard
Clarence and Joanne Kirby
Richard and Ardie Kleindienst
Kelly and Pat Landes
Jeremy and Emily Lehning
Linda and James Maddox
Barbara and William Mengeling
Doris Miller
Mary Moore
Donna Pierson
William Powell
Marcia and Palmer Price
Ronald and Suzann Propp
Virginia and Lawrence Propp
Meg and Brett Randall
Arnita and Ronald Schultz
Phyllis and Donald Schultz
Sandra Strawn
Wendy and Jerry Troxel
Mary Sue and Herb Whitney
Jane and Joe Works
Larry and Betty Wright
Ann Zimmerman and Dexter Eggers

Dean's Club Partners - $250–$499

Joan and Stephen Adams
Jacque Alstatt
Betty and Bruce Amos
Leah and Randel Atchley
Sara and Robert Aufdemberge
Steve and Jonelle Barkyoumb
Edwin and Velda Becker
Patti and Gerald Benda
Darrell Borst and Sandra McLeod-Bprst
Pat and Luann Boyer
Tina and Dana Brewer
Nancy and Ronald Bridges
Donna Brodd
Linda and Mike Chapin
Royce Ann Collins and James Martin
Sherry and Dale Conrad
Rebecca and John Crowl
Dwight and Anna Davis
Marilyn and Gerald Davis
Diane and Severin DeBacker
John and Carole Denning
Rodney and Judy Dietz
Cindi and Duane Dunn
Marie-Anne and Donald Eickholt
Ann and Howard Erickson
Kevin and Christine Finson
Karla and Steve Fisher
Bonnie Gibbons
Karmen and Jeremy Girard
Ed and Deanne Gorsky
Donald and Ana Grimm
Carolyn and Allen Guernsey
Karen and Gregory Hammer
Jim and Mary Kay Harders
Kathleen Connelly Harmon and Randolph Harmon
Freddie and Verna Hartfield
Kathryn Hatfield
Nancy Hause
Nancy Hendricks
Linda and Roy Henry
Karen and Gene Holthaus
Stephen and Linda James
Jeff and Lorraine Jensby
Phyllis Johnson
Ramona Johnston
Jane and Lanny Jones
Lisa and Jackie Jones 
Marilyn and Terry Kastens 
Phillip and Kathryn Kemmerly
Christine and Scott Krebs
Marvis Lary
Von and Jerre Lauer
Cherin and Robert Lee
Viola and Jim Lee
John and Connie Lehman
Nancy and Donald Livingston
Kristi and Mike McCluskey
James and Shirley McGill
Samuel McMillan
Andrea and Mike McWright
Richard Michaelis
Rebecca and Tim Miller
Pat and Leon Mills
Sharon and Kyle Murdock
Marilyn and Ernest Nangle
Carol Ogden-Jones
Pete and Nancy Pallesen
Ligia Paquette
Leroy and Angela Parr
Joyce and Duane Plyter
Bruce and Diane Quantic
Craig and Carol Ratzlaff
Laura and Mike Renfro
Elmer Richers
Charles Ricker
Elizabeth Rider
Bob and Marlene Riedel
Betty Robison
Shari and Mark Rooks
Dirk Rosendahl and Caren Cahill
Alvin and Joan Rusk
Edwin Schmeidler
Deb and Steven Shepek
Cynthia Shuman
Janice and Ted Smith
Joyce and Wayne Speer
Franklin* and Jamie Spikes
Jennifer and Bill Sturges
Jim Swint
Sharon and Alan Sylvester
Jim and Kathy Teagarden
Charla and Don Tilton
Deanna Tressin
Bruce Turner
Charles and Laurie Vance
Randol and Bonnie Walker
Cynthia and Jeffrey Wenzel
Matt and Christy White
Grant Wilhite
James and Jean Wohler
Jenny and Shon Yust
Xueqin and Yudong Zhang

Dean's Club Friends - $100–$249

Peggy and Del Acker
EJ and Caleb Adams
Shelley and Joseph Aistrup
Angela and David Allen
Mary Anne and Karmon Almquist
Allen and Vivian Anderson
Betty Anderson
Edna and Jerry Anderson
Barbara and Rod Arbuthnot
Carol and Pablo Arjona
Jim and Cheryl Armendariz
Ellen and Lauren Baeten
Jerene Bain
Judy Baird
Carrie and Ronald Baker
Cassie and Chad Banka
Carl and Grace Barben
Mark and Bernice Barber
Kyler and Kerrie Barnes
Julie and Michael Barrett
Anthony and Mahilea Barry
Brooks and Tonya Barta
Don and Lydia Barth
Sandy and Bob Bartkoski
Janice and David Bastin
Bernard and Carla Behrends
Eric Beikmann
Marilyn and William Benham
David and Donni Benson
Gretchen and Jason Bergkamp
Patti Berlin and Chuck Samples
Alice and Terry Bertels
Clifford Bieberly and Stacia Garlach
Ruth and Earl Bigge
Amy and David Bipes
Alvin Bird
John and Yolanda Black
Russell and Ann Blackbird
Shirley and John Blankenship
Christopher and Jeanne Boetig
Barb and Matt Boggs
Carolyn and Steven Boren
Rochelle Boster
Ann and Larry Boyce
Sondra and Rodney Bracelin
Samuel and Johnnie Branch
Wanita Bratton
Bradley Breault
Darrell and Pat Brensing
Kelly Briggs
Betty Brindle
Ellen and Ken Brown
Sharon and Robert Brown
Scott and Jennifer Brown
Tex and Ruth Browning
Denise and Jim Brownlee
Patricia Bruce
Mary Bruner
John and Shari Burke
Dustin and Meaghan Burton
Rosemary Butler
Wynn and Mary Ann Butler
Rick Caldwell and and Susan Herber
Judith and James Callen
Terri and Tim Cantrell
Patty and Jim Carlson
Virleen and David Carlson
Lora Carmichael and Randal Carmichael
Kelly Carmody
Dana and Barbara Carpenter
Ann Carr
Helena and Bob Caudle
Curtis and Susan Cearley
Judith and William Chastain
Mary and Willard Chegwidden
Kenneth and Sandra Church
Alice Clapsaddle
Jolene Clark
Carne and Peter Clarke
Angie and david Cocanower
Peggy Coen
Gerry Coffman
Crystal Collinsworth
Connie and Greg Compton
Julie and Chris Conard
Mary and Martin Connell 
Mary and John Connell
Becky and Mark Conner
Norman Cooper
Kenneth and Billie Coover
Kim and Bob Copple
Cynthia Corn
Patricia Cornish
Lois and Joseph Cox
Deborah Cramer
Ann and William Crampton
Richard Cruz and Heike Schemmel-Cruz
Daniel Cunningham
Mark and Rebecca Dalton
Gail and Todd Daly
Janice Dana
Connie Davis
Richard and Judy Davis
Sherri and William DeBoom
Bob and Tracy DeBruyn
Bonnie Deiter
Libby and Michael DePinto
Sandra and Jay Detter
Jean Dettmer
Helen* and Loren Detwiler
Mary Devin
Robert and Colleen Dickerson
Susan and Ed Dillinger
Marilyn and Jack Dillon
Roger Dirks and Cindy Capellari
Sherry Doctor
Irene and Robert Dodder
Norma and James Doornbos
Raymond Doswell and Bonita Baxter-Doswell
Laura Downey
Rebecca and Danny Downs
Marilee Drouhard and Byron Nordhus
Barbara and David Dvergsten
Sarah and Casey Dwyer
Donna and Roger Eaton
Deborah and Robert Eaverson
Gay Eddy
Beth and Wally Edmonds
Janet and Morris Edwards
Rick and Susan Eichor
Virginia and Harold Eisenbarth
Jackie Elliott
Kathleen and Bruce Elsey
Elizabeth and Terence Engleken
Geary and Linda Engemann
Naomi England
Nancy and Jay Evans
Frances Falen
Claudia and Joseph Feeney
Charles and Jennifer Fessenden
Kendra and Josiah Feuerbacher
Mitchell and Sharon Fick
Ronald and Katherine Fielder
Kelly Foltz
Colette and Scott Ford
Michelle and Dan Foster
Henrietta Fox
Linda and Ron Fraass
Gerald and Linda Franklin
Nell Friedrichs
Robert and Robin Frye
Donald and Patricia Gagnon
Charles Gallion
Patsy and Harold Garner
Nancy and Earl Gatz
Lou Ann and Randy Gebhards
Preston George
Jan and Fred Gibbs
Karen and Jim Goble
Linda and James Goddard
Peggy and Richard Goe 
Lori and Todd Goodson 
Rhonda and Tim Green
Rebecca and Mark Gregory
Carol and Tom Grennan
Carol and Thomas Hadorn
Joseph and Jane Handlos
John and Susan Hanford
Bernita Hannigan
Asel and Joanne Harder 
Connie Harris 
Joe and Sheila Harrison
Mary and James Harvey
Ronald Hatfield
Gary and Ortrud Hauptli
Tom and Diane Hawk
Jacqueline and Robert Hays
Linda and Ted Heath
Mary and Dan Hebert
Roger and Barbara Heiman
Patty and Jim Hellmer
Amy and David Hendricks
Lori and Corey Henry
Carol and Gary Hergott
Meg and Daniel Hewes
Candice Hill
Melinda and Kevin Hixson
Johnette and Robert Hodgin
Douglas and Nancy Hoglund
Gary and Melissa Hopkins
Pamela and Mike Hopkins
Roy and Roberta Hopkins
Peggy House
Shelley and Gary Houser
Beverly and Eddie Howard
Ronald and Jeannie Hughes
Marcie and Thomas Hunter
Norman and Jeanette Hupe
Mary Jane Hurley
Rhonda and Fred Huser
Janet and Robert Iotti
Jan and Jon Isch
Cala and Kenneth Istas
Linda Ives
Janice and Darold Jackson
Lakeisha Jackson
Mary and Charles Jackson
Heather and David Jacus
Linda and Terry James
Kara and Jake Janzen
Clint and Jeanette Jayne
Gene and Darlene Jeppesen
Charla Jerome
Roy and Judy Johansen
Lucille Johnson
Pam and Randy Johnston
Linda Jolly
Ellen and Ronald Jones
Genevieve and David Jones
Jean Jones
Jan and Ken Jorns
Myrtly Joyner
Marilyn and Charles Kaff
Rebecca and kail Katzenmeier
Charlotte Keith
Kathie and Jeffrey Keller
Carolyn and Charles Kellogg
Bill and Faye Kennedy
Janet and Bruce Kernes
Bob and Shellaine Kiblinger
Bob and Regennia Kilmer
Judy and Tom Kimball
Kelly and Matthew Kinnan
Lori and Greg Kinney
Mark and Ann Knackendoffel
Erin and Bret Knighton
Lily and Vernon Kober
Elizabeth Koehn
Rita and Rick Krause
Laura and Edward Krieger
Craig Kuehnert
Diana and Chuck Kuntz
Brad Kunze
Meredith and Gary La Shell
Ruth Lackey
Susan and David Lalman
Sheree Lambert
Julia and David Lancaster
Dennis and Carol Landis
Jessica and Shawn Lane
Lori Lang
George Lange
Kenneth and Carol Lash
Mike and Angela Laurie
Mary and John La Varnway
Don and Corrine Leonard
John Letourneau
Bonnie and Michael Lewis
Lynne and Randi L'Hommedieu
Nancy and Jeff Lichetenfels
Hope Hurla Lo and Paul Lo
Linda and Steven Lock
Mary and Lawrence Lonsinger
Barbara and Jim Lorson
Robert and Louise Lovin
Sherry and Terry Lust
Victoria and Kip Lynch
Jennifer MacFadyen
Terri and Tadeusz Maciuba
Darla and Mike Mallein
Paul and Teddi Maneth
Susan Mann
Carol and Terry Manz
Janice Martens
Kathy and Max Martin
Frank and Rachel Maxwell
Kim and Jamie McAtee
Jacqueline and Roger McCormick
Janet and Thomas McCoy
Linda and Dick McCreight
Harry and Charlotte McDonald
JoAnn McDowell
Shawn and Tonya McIlnay
Jim McKinnis
Karen McMillen
Toni and Jeff McReynolds
Catherine and James Meeker
Connie and Gary* Mehl
Clifton Meloan
Patricia Merrill
Ted and Florence Metcalf
Kelly and Troy Meyers
Julie and Dennis Mildenberger
Cathy and John Miller
Everett and Marlene Miller
Monte and Lynda Miller
Teresa and Randy Miller
Verna and Daniel Miller
Elizabeth and Meade Mitchell
Virginia and John Mixer
Mary and S. Moon
Virginia Moon
Carol and Kenneth Moore
Laryssa and Douglas Morehead
Wendy and Dusty Moshier
Karen and Leon Mosteller
Rita Muckenthaler
Sharlene and Karl Mueldener
Diane and Patrick Mulligan
Janice and James Mulvany
Scott Murphy and Marieke Wolfe
Steve and Sylvia Murphy
Doris Nanninga
Jennifer Nash
Glen and Ruby Neslon
Kendra and Daran Neuschafer
Thistle and Jeremy Newcomb
Brad and Barb Newitt
Sharilyn and Jeff Newtson
Michael and Kathy Novak
Judith and De Forrest Noyes
Eleanor and Jarrell Nuss
Charlie Nutt
Theresa and Brandon Oakes
Robert and Jonice Oblander
Kristi and Justin Ochs
Sandy and Leslie Ogg
Owen O'Heir
Mary and George Ohlund
Phillip and Patricia Osborne
Rachel and Tom O'Sullivan
Sue and Larry Papenfuss
Barbara Park
Karen and James Pate
Jeanette and Dan Pearson
Theresa and Buck Peddicord
Liz and Ken Peirce
Jim and Linda Pendarvis
Erica and Darin Penner
Gerald and Verjanis Peoples
Jack Perna
Sharla and James Pfeifer
Gayle and Stanley Plummer
Georgia and Roger Pollard
Sharon Pooler
Katie and Theodore Pope
Jean and Charles Popelka
JoAnn and Gary Pottorff
Lori and Shawn Potts
Patricia and Jerry Prather
Pamela and Steven Preston
Ronald Preston
Kristen and Mack Price
Leonard and Sharon Purvis
Cheryl Raborn
Leslie Rader
Virginia and Brian Reilly
Pat and John Reppert
Beth and Steve Reust
Howard and Beverly Rhoden
Lori and John Riedel
Joan and Dan Roda
Nick and Lori Rodriguez
Susan and Dennis Rogers
Carol and Jay Russell
Sandra and Edwin Rutkowski
Candace and Scott Sage
Patrick and Linda Sandoval
Frank Schmidtlein
Ryan and Kaycee Schoonover
Marthann Schulte
Joyce Schultz
Julie and Jeffrey Schutzler
Jewelda and Steve Scofield
Emmett and Ardith Scott
Winston and Jacqueline Scott
Seth and Cassie Scripter
Anne and Harold Severance
Sammy and Charla Seymore
Janice and Ken Shobe
Carianne and Troy Short
Nancy and David Shuss
Janice and James Sim
Bette and Gary Skaggs
Vicki and William Slater
Monne Smith
Gay Southwell
Kyle and Dennis Speichinger
Ron Speight
Margie Spiers
Margie Staggs and Bruce Champlin
Marsha and Paul Stallsworth
Cole Stanley
Carolyn and Alan States
Tammy and Don Steeples
Howard and Evelyn Stenzel
Jennifer and Jonathan Stillwell
Kathy and Rob Stitt
Jerry Stolov
Nancy Stone
Marcia Storer
Barbara and Terry Stout
Cheryl and Matt Stout
Gail and Robert Strader
Maxine Strawn
Ron and Julie Sumner
Roland and Karen Swanson
Nancy and Eugene Swearingen
Ronda and Donald Sweat
Carol and Donna Swenson
Kathy and Tom Tarbutton
Marilyn and Robert Thalhimer
Judy and Duane Thiel
Wendell and JoAnn Thompson
Dennis and Gwyneth Throne
Shelley and Tom Thull
Judith and Roger Timken
Linda Timmons
Audrey Todd
Andy Tompkins
Betsy and Aaron Towns
Ken and Mary Ann Trickle
Judy and Terry Turner
Susan and James Turner
Stacy and Joel Tyler
Ronna and Gary Tyson
John and Bernadette Usera
Fred and Alicia Van Ranken
Scott and Carielyn VanDeCreek
Dorothy Vawter
Ron and Tammy Vinduska
Elisabeth and Ronald Vinson
Kristy and Brian Virginia
Shirley and Keith Vogts
Nancy and Thomas Wakefield
Connie and Duane Walker
Suzanne Walker
Carolyn and Ray Waller
Mary Sue Wallerius-Ash and David Ash
Sharon and David Wanklyn
Diana and Howard Warren
Donna and Lonny Wartman
Robert and Patti Wayman
Shari and Craig Weeks
Susie and Stan Weir
Beth and Gary Weishaar
Kay and Robert Wessel
Brian Wetta
Clifford and June Wheeler
Cheryl and Royce White
Kelly and Tim White
Robin and Jason Whitten
Linda and Ron Wilcox
JoLina and Douglas Wildeman
Ann Wiles
Sondra Wilkerson
Jonie Williams
Lisa and Gary Williams
Jean and Bill Wilson
Marsha and James Wilson
Nancy and Meryl Wilson
Don and Jan Wissman
Mary and Robert Wolf
Neva Wood
Lynda and Monty Woodard
Nancy and Lee Woodford
Marilyn and Robert Wright
Sylvia and David Wright
Jennifer Yackley
Linda and Gale Yarrow
Susan and Jeff Zacharakis
Kent and Karen Zernickow
Rolland and Sharon Zier
Gary and Constance Zuck

Trusts/Foundations/Corporations – $10,000 and Above

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Bunge North America Foundation
Cisco Systems Inc.
Citgo Petroleum Corporation
Compton Construction Corporation
Debacker Consulting LLC
Dillinger Ranch
Focus for Health Foundation Inc.
Hallmark Corporate Foundation
Hallmark Global Services LLC
Higgins Educational Services LLC
IBM International Foundation
JB Associates
Allan H. Marquardt Ph.D.
Margaret I. Morris Trust
National Academic Advising Association
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
Daran Neuschafer Agency Inc.
ONEOK Foundation Inc.
Phillips 66 Company
PNC Bank Foundation
Reed Seed Sales
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Snodgrass Partners Inc.
Sprint Foundation
Texas Instruments Foundation
The Boeing Company
Wells Fargo Foundation 
Westar Energy
Zimmerman Family Foundation Inc.

* Deceased

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