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Shawnee Mission School District Partnership

Raising the bar for promising practices in teacher education research, and applying new technology to the SMSD instructional coaching model.

The College of Education and Shawnee Mission School District, or SMSD, entered a partnership that delivers upon the university’s land-grant mission in 21st century style.

Over the course of the 2016-2017 school year, the department of curriculum and instruction under the leadership of professor and chair Todd Goodson and assistant professor Tonnie Martinez, piloted a new Professional Development School model called iPDS. A cohort of 18 undergraduates was supervised from a distance through the use of SWIVL robots; 12 signed teaching contracts with the district for the spring semester.

In addition, the Center for Intercultural and Multilingual Advocacy, or CIMA, is working with 10 schools in the district to provide professional development on biography-driven instruction. The schools have been divided into three tiers and each receives programming tailored to their individual needs. The college also offers professional development workshops on technology in the classroom.

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Christy Ziegler, SMSD assistant superintendent of innovation and performance, said the partnership has many benefits. “The Shawnee Mission School District is always looking for innovative ways to partner with organizations in ways that provide mutual benefit to both partners,” Ziegler said. “The goal in any partnership is seeking others who share a common mindset and demonstrated movement to action by seeking continuous improvement in all areas. K-State has been a great partner in helping our district continue to grow in ways that provide ongoing benefit to students, staff and our community.”

iPDS – Innovative Professional Development School Model

The K-State College of Education and the Shawnee Mission School District have collaborated to pilot an innovative professional development school model, iPDS. This hybrid model embeds teacher candidates in Shawnee Mission elementary schools and utilizes the technological assets of both partners.

  • SMSD provides teacher candidates with iPad technology available in the buildings to capture videos of their student teaching.
  • K-State provides SWIVL robots for distance supervision as videos are uploaded to the SWIVL cloud for clinical feedback from college professors.

The teacher candidates become highly trained in the SMSD instructional coaching model in Apache Innovative School, Broken Arrow Elementary, and Rosehill Elementary.

Benefits of the Model


  • Increased numbers of K-State College of Education students are in the pipeline for SMSD hiring upon graduation.
  • Lower student-to-teacher ratios in classrooms benefit students.
  • Teacher candidates become classroom ready with knowledge of “the Shawnee Mission Way” of professional teaching practices.


  • Teacher candidates are immersed in the philosophical, pedagogical, and technological assets of SMSD educators.
  • Uploaded classroom videos allow for fidelity of implementation of College of Education conceptual framework.
  • The college continues research and development of an innovative professional development school model.
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