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Kansas Educational Leadership Institute

Kansas Educational Leadership Institute

KELI governance is provided with assistance from two groups representative of the partner organizations and Kansas school districts and school buildings.

Steering Committee

The KELI Steering Committee assists the Executive Director with strategic planning, development and articulation of vision, selection of program offerings and procedures and process to implement Institute programs. The committee also coordinates the sharing of partnership resources and assists in collaboration between the Instutute and its partners. The Steering Committee is made up of two KSU representatives appointed by the Dean of Education; one representative appointed by each of the other partners (KASB, KSDE, KSSA and USA); two members elected at large from the Advisory Council; and the Director as ex-officio (non-voting) facilitator.

→ Steering Committee Membership

KELI Steering Committee meeting photo

KELI Steering Committee meets for the first time to elect chair and discuss the bylaws. Pictured: Dr. Debbie Mercer, Pam Coleman, Jacque Feist, Dr. David Thompson, Doug Moeckel, Dr. Mary Devin.

Advisory Council

The KELI Advisory Council provides recommendations to the Steering Committee and the Executive Director, and participates in two-way dialogue regarding vision, priorities, implementation, sharing of resources, and effectiveness of programming. Each official KELI Sponsor is entitled to the following membership on the KELI Advisory Council appointed by the host site in collaboration with the representative: Kansas Association of School Boards, (two members): Kansas Department of Education, (two members); Kansas State University’s College of Education, (two members); United School Administrators, (5 members selected from KASSP, KAESP, KAMSA, and KASEA—3 of the 5 members who are current Kansas principals and represent elementary, middle and high school leadership; and 2 of the 5 who represent special education administrators; the Kansas School Superintendents Association (3 members who are current Kansas district leaders and representative of district leadership in small, medium and large settings; and the Executive Director as ex-officio (non-voting) facilitator.

Advisory Council Membership

KELI Advisory Council meeting photo

KELI Advisory Council Meeting with Curt Herrman, Donna Augustine-Shaw, Nancy Kiltz, Jeff Zacharakis, Jim Porter, Rod Garman, and Mary Devin.

KELI IMA Gold accreditation symbol – 2017-2020

International Mentoring Association
Seal of Accreditation

Dr. Rick Doll

Executive Director

Jaishri Ram

Administrative Assistant