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iPad User Group

The iPad User Group was started in Fall 2010 by staff in the College of Education Catalyst Center to demonstrate the capabilities of the iPad for both educational and personal use.

Meeting Archives

May 2019 – iPad Podcasting: Creating and Listening to Podcasts on Your iPad
April 2019 – Backing Up Your iPad and Review of iPad Devices
November 2018 – Augmented Reality (AR) Apps on the iPad
October 2018 – A Look at iOS 12
September 2018 – Spreadsheet Apps on the iPad
August 2018 – No Meeting
July 2018 – The Creative iPad: Apps That Turn Your Snapshots Into Art
June 2018 – Apple Pages vs. Microsoft Word
May 2018 – Creating and Giving Presentations on Your iPad: Apple Keynote and PowerPoint
April 2018 – Sharing Your Photos and Videos
March 2018 – The Photos App – Editing, Organizing and Searching
February 2018 – Working with Video on Your iPad
January 2018 – No Meeting
December 2017 – iOS 11 Q&A and Troubleshooting
November 2017 – iPad Accessories: Keyboard Cases, Connectors, Apple Pencil, and Gadgets Galore
October 2017 – Using Your iPad to Access Manhattan Public Library Resources
September 2017 – iOS 11 Preview
April 2017 – Tips, Tricks, Troubleshooting
March 2017 – Airtable: Flexible Database/Organizer
February 2017 – Advanced Text Editing on the iPad:
Microsoft Word vs. Apple Pages
January 2017 – No Meeting
December 2016 – Using Cloud Storage Apps on the iPad
November 2016 – Calendar, Contacts and Camera
October 2016 – iOS 10 : New Features
September 2016 – Exploring the Built-in Apps Series:
Notes and Messages
August 2016 – The Photos App: Storing, Editing, Sharing
July 2016 – No Meeting
June 2016 – No Meeting
May 2016 – The Settings App, Part 2:
Tips for adjusting your iPad User Preferences
April 2016 – The Settings App, Part 1:
Tips for adjusting your iPad User Preferences to suit your needs
March 2016 – Troubleshooting your iPad; Mind-Mapping Apps
February 2016 – Creating ePUB Format Books on the iPad
January 2016 – No Meeting
December 2015 – No Meeting
November 2015 – Adobe Acrobat
October 2015 – iOS 9
September 2015 – Capturing, Editing and Exporting Video on the iPad
August 2015 – Microsoft OneNote
July 2015 – No Meeting
June 2015 – Adobe Slate (now called Adobe Spark)
April/May 2015 – Office 365 Setup and Apps
March 2015 – Duet Display, Splashtop Remote Desktop, and Peer to Peer Airplay with Apple TV
    • Peer to Peer Airplay with Apple TV
      • Your iOS device and Apple TV don't have to be on the same Wi-Fi network

      • Stream content to your Apple TV

      • Make sure that both devices have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on.

      • If you want to stream iTunes Store content, you also need an Internet connection.

February 2015 – iPad Web Browser Comparison
November and December 2014 – Exploring iOS 8
  • iPad User Guide for iOS 8
  • Keyboards
    • How to install: 
      • First, make sure you have downloaded the specific keyboard app that you want to use onto your device. (example apps below)
      • Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard
      • You will see any new keyboards you've installed under Third Party Keyboards.
      • Tap the one you want to use. You will be taken back at the Keyboards settings. Tap the one you want to use again, then toggle Allow Full Access on. You'll be warned that third party keyboards can see everything you type. 
      • Your keyboard should now be in the list along with any other active keyboards.
      • When the keyboard is activated within an app, you can cycle through all of your keyboards by tapping the key that looks like a world globe (bottom left).
    • SwiftKey
    • Brightkey Keyboard
    • Inkboard
    • MyScript Stack Handwriting Keyboard
    • Phraseboard Keyboard
    • GIF Keyboard – Riffsy
    • Fleksy Keyboard
  • Photos App Changes:
    • New smart adjustment and composition tools
    • Instagram-like filters
    • Photo editing extensions (connects with other photo apps you may have installed within the Photos app itself)
  • iCloud Drive
  • Family Sharing:
  • iCloud Photo Library (from iMore)
  • Mac OS and iOS Connectivity
    • Take and receive phone calls on your Mac
    • Send and receive SMS text messages
    • Handoff what you're doing on one device to another (works with Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, Contacts)
    • Instant Hotspot: remotely activate the personal hotspot on your iPhone when they are near each other
    • AirDrop: send files to a nearby computer or iOS device

October 2014 – Using the Canvas App with K-State Online
  • Canvas Student
    • helps students and instructors access their courses while they are away from a computer browser
    • view your Courses and Groups
    • view your To-Do List
    • view Course Notifications
    • view Conversations Messages
    • view your Profile
    • note: not all Canvas features are supported on the app at this time
  • MagicMarker
    • organize your students into small groups for assessment in the classroom
    • links the Outcomes in your course to your groups and lets you select the outcomes that best apply to the group
    • assess all students at the same time or score students individually; keep track of how many times you've assessed each student for each outcome
    • view individual analytics for each student and view the student’s performance over time for each outcome
  • Polls for Canvas
    • easy way for instructors to request student opinion in the classroom and collect responses
    • create poll questions and start a poll (either all sections in a course or individual sections in different courses); create opinion polls with no set answer or a poll question that requires a correct response; stop the poll at any time and show and hide poll results with students
    • students can view and take all polls available to them
  • K-State Canvas website
  • Canvas Guides (mobile app guides are at the bottom)
  • Cool Things You Can Do with Canvas (YouTube)

September 2014 – Evernote

August 2014 – No Meeting

July 2014 –
App Swapping - Favorite Apps Shared

June 2014 –
Instagram and Compatible Apps to Enhance Your Photos and Videos

May 2014 – In the Cloud: Navigating Through Cloud Services

April 2014 – Mind Mapping Apps

March 2014 – Ideas and Solutions for Using the Numbers App

February 2014 – Presenting with Keynote

January 2014 – How to Use AirPlay

December 2013 – Entertainment Apps for Fun and Learning

November 2013 – Troubleshooting Your iPad

October 2013 – iOS 7

September 2013 – Reading and Annotating PDFs
with iAnnotate and Adobe Reader

August 2013 – An in-depth look at two Note-taking Apps

July 2013 – Photo Collage Apps

June 2013 – Photography Apps

May 2013 – Microsoft Office-Compatible Apps

April 2013 – Video Apps

March 2013 – Audio Apps

January 2013 – News Apps

December 2012 – Utility Apps

November 2012 – GoodReader
  • GoodReader – a robust PDF reader and annotation app, with the additional ability to view and organize a wide variety of documents, access and sync files from servers and websites, and transfer files wirelessly from your computer to your iPad.

October 2012 – New iOS 6 Features
  • Siri, Maps, Mail (VIP contact list, ability to add photos and videos), Safari (iCloud tabs, offline reading lists), Notifications (Do Not Disturb), Facebook integration, shared Photo Streams, Clock app, Guided Access, and the enhanced App Store

September 2012 – Input Devices
  • Keyboards
  • Styluses

July 2012 – Apps for Specific Curriculum Areas

June 2012 – Finding and Discovering Apps

May 2012 – Back to the Basics with your iPad
  • Settings
  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • Reminders
  • Safari
  • Photos
  • App Store

April 2012 – Streaming and Screen Capture/Sharing Apps

February 2012 – Creating eBooks with Apple's iBooks Author

January 2012 – Using the iPad with Apple TV and 2011 iPad App Review

December 2011 – iCloud and Holiday Apps/Ideas
  • iCloud
  • Paper Snow
  • Snodoodle
  • Twas the Night Before Christmas
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
  • ScrapPad - Christmas
  • Santa Believer Scanner
  • A New Christmas Story - Kundersanterbleebin
  • Toca Hair Salon - Christmas Gift
  • Christmas Tale HD
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • The Night Before Christmas
  • 'twas
  • Xmas Booth HD
  • ElfYourself by OfficeMax
  • Talking Santa for iPad
  • Christmas RADIO
  • Talking Gremlin HD: Christmas Special

November 2011 – All About iPads: IDT Roundtable
and iPad User Group Meeting

Presented by Michael Raine, College of Business Administration; Dennis Devenney, Mary Hammel, and Matthew Heinrich, College of Education

  • Presenting with the iPad (Keynote, Doceri, Splashtop Remote, Apple TV)
  • Printing with the iPad (AirPrint)
  • Apps to get you started (built-in apps, iWork apps, note-taking apps, Dragon Dictation, videoconferencing/collaboration apps, GoodReader)
  • Securing your iPad (data, contacts, email, passcode protection, Find My iPhone)
  • Making your own eBooks (using Pages and Instapaper)
  • Using iBooks (creating your own PDF and book collections)
  • Using "the Cloud" (security, iCloud, Briefcase, DropBox)
  • Using the App Store
  • Apps We Use
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Q&A session

October 2011 – New Features in iOS 5

September 2011 – iPad Safety and Security
  • Security measures
  • Cloud Computing and Accessing Servers
  • Protecting your iPad (Cases and Covers)

August 2011 – iPad 101
  • Security
  • Settings (email, calendar, etc.)
  • Management

July 2011 – Travel Apps
  • Joe Sutliff Sanders shared his experiences with various travel apps used during his recent trip to Europe
  • Flight, hotel, and trip planning apps
  • Map and travel guide apps

June 2011 – Photography Apps
  • Photo Effects apps:
    • 100 Cameras in 1
    • PhotoPal
    • Palm Lab
    • uSketch
    • Photoshop Express
    • TiltShift Generator
  • Color Splash apps
    • Photo Delight
    • TouchUp
    • OutColor
  • Photo Utility apps:
    • CropSuey
    • Impression
    • Digital Grey Kard
    • Mr. Sun
    • The light table
    • PhotoMeta
    • SoftBox Pro
  • Educational Photo apps
    • Lens•Lab
    • Rick Sammon's 24/7 Photo Buffet

May 2011 – Note-taking Apps
  • Evernote
  • Dragon Dictation
  • Moleskine
  • Penultimate
  • Notes Plus
  • SoundNote
  • PhatPad
  • UPAD
  • CaptureNotes

April 2011 – Making your own eBooks
  • Resources for making your own ePub files on your computer:
    • Pages
    • Calibre
    • Sigil
    • eCub

March 2011 – eBook Readers
  • iBooks
  • Kindle
  • Nook
  • Google Books
  • Stanza
  • Connecting to services and catalogs and borrowing from libraries

February 2011 – Miscellaneous Apps
  • Doceri Remote
  • ePrint
  • Numbers

January 2011 – New Apps discovered over the Holidays

December 2010 – Creating Holiday Gifts with iPad Apps

November 2010 – Basic Settings on the iPad

October 2010 – First Organizational Meeting
  • Move files from your email to the iPad:
    • Dropbox
    • iBooks
  • Watch your favorite television shows, find details about movies, view trailers and check out showtimes at local theaters:
    • ABC Player
    • IMDb Movies
    • TV Guide
  • Download photos directly from your digital camera and send postcards with your own images to friends and family:
    • iPad Camera Connection Kit
    • Bill Atkinson PhotoCard
  • Get instant answers to questions across thousands of domains from finance and food to math and medicine to stocks and weather:
    • Wolfram Alpha
  • Calendar and email settings for your iPad
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Meetings are usually held the second Thursday of each month.

Upcoming Meeting:

July 11, 2019
noon-1 p.m.
124 Bluemont Hall

Taking and Editing Photos with your iPad and iPhone