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Student Services

Center for Student Success and Professional Services

The Center for Student Success and Professional Services (CSSPS) is with you every step of your undergraduate career. From recruitment to enrollment to licensure, the professionals in CSPS are truly dedicated to your success.

Knowledgeable, friendly, full-time professional academic advisors get to know you and guide you through your undergraduate experience. Working with your academic advisor allows you to customize your K-State story where your personal passions meet your professional goals.

Meeting your goals begins with developing a relationship with your academic advisor and creating an individualized graduation plan. Do you want to see the world? Want to add a major or minor? Your advisor can help you map out your collegiate career.


The final step! You’ve nailed the classes, logged your service hours, excelled at student teaching, and now there’s one last test to take. Once again, the professionals in CSPS can help you navigate the licensing process, including test dates, fees, license renewals, additional endorsements, and license transfers.

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