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Documentary Re-Connections and Updates

Our college has produced a series of documentaries on various topics related to educational topics of interest to our faculty and students. Here we reconnect with participants involved in some of these documentaries.

Dr. Marilyn Kaff
"Humanity Looks Good on Everyone"

Two years after filming Humanity Looks Good on Everyone, video producer Rusty Earl had a chance to visit with Dr. Marilyn Kaff to see how her humanitarian work is progressing in Tanzania.

Dr. Charles Rankin
"A Long Road"

Video producer Rusty Earl visits with Dr. Charles Rankin about his role in A Long Road documentary as well as his work in the Midwest Equity Assistance Center.

Kristofer Bailey
"A Walk in My Shoes: First Generation College Students"

Kristofer Bailey visits with Rusty Earl, director of A Walk in My Shoes: First Generation College Students, about the filming of the program and his future plans for teaching.

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