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College of Education

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Program Requirements

Elementary Education (K-6)

The elementary education program prepares students to teach children in kindergarten through sixth grade in self-contained classrooms.

Secondary Education (7-12)

The secondary education program prepares students to teach in grades 6 through 12. Secondary educators teach in high schools, junior high schools, and middle schools. Secondary teachers prepare to teach in one or more content areas.

Admission to Teacher Education

The application for admission to a teacher education program may be filed when the applicant has satisfied all of the admission requirements. Transfer students who have satisfied all the admission requirements should apply at the time of initial enrollment. Students making changes in degree programs within teacher education must reapply for teacher education.

Admission to the Professional Semester

The professional semester involves a full semester of student teaching. This semester occurs in the fall or spring of the senior year. There is no student teaching offered during summer sessions. Because of the school districts’ schedules, students may be required to begin their student teaching before the start of K-State’s semester schedule and/or end their student teaching after K-State’s semester schedule ends.

Students will be approved for the professional semester when the requirements have been met.

Center for Student Success and Professional Services

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Assistant Dean/Director
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