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PRAXIS ® Tests

Basic Skills Test:
PRAXIS Core Academic Skills for Educators Test

Our admissions testing requirements (the CORE test) have changed for students without a composite score of at least 22 on the ACT. We now require a Basic Skill Test that will help us gather data on your likely success in our program. This online assessment is provided on the Learning Express Library for you without charge.

To access the assessment,

  1. Enter this address in the web browser:
  2. Click on the "Centers" tab under "LearningExpress Library also feature:"
  3. Click on "Prepare for an Occupation Exam"
  4. Find “Teaching” at the bottom right
  5. Click on “Prepare for the Praxis® Core Tests”
  6. There are 4 Practice Tests for each section (Math, Reading, and Writing). Choose a practice test for Math, Reading, and Writing sections. You only need to complete one test in each section.
  7. Click to take test, and then register for an account
    • *note: if you get a screen that says, "Your institution does not have permission to access this product. Please contact your librarian or provider for assistance".
    • Go to the "Centers" drop down menu
    • Toggle over the first category "Career Preparation"
    • Select the third option down, "Prepare for an Occupation Exam"
    • Redo steps 4-6
  8. Once you complete a practice test in each section (3 total), go back to “My Center” and print off this page with your results.
  9. Print and sign the K-State Honor Pledge. (PDF)
  10. Take your results and your signed Honor Pledge to Bluemont Hall Room 13.

*note: if you get a screen that looks like this, go to your browser history and clear the website, then exit out of the browser and try the steps again.

→ Download the Core Basic Skills Test Prep Instructions (PDF), complete with screenshots.

Licensing Tests:
PRAXIS II ® PLT (Principles of Learning and Teaching)
and Subject Assessments

The Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) requires two PRAXIS II ® tests for a Kansas Teaching License:

  • A pedagogy test, the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT)
  • A content test for each area you are endorsed. These tests are part of the Praxis II ® tests. These tests are not required for Graduation, but are required for your Teaching License. Therefore we recommend that you take these exams the semester prior to student teaching or the semester prior to graduation.

→ See the PRAXIS II ® Licensing Test Overview

PRAXIS II ® Licensing Test Codes (includes PLT and all Content Tests)

 Score Recipient Code and Attending Institution Code:
 Kansas State University – 6334

Find Test Centers and Dates

Overview of Kansas Testing Requirements

Prepare for the PRAXIS II ® PLT and Content Tests:

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