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Create a Graduation Plan

A graduation plan is a comprehensive list of courses to be taken by semester. The plan should include the requirements needed to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary or Secondary Education and obtain your teaching license.

The following is a guide to assist you with creating a personal plan.

  • Estimate the number of semesters YOU need to complete the program. Students may complete the program in 4 years BUT most students need to plan 4-½ -5 years or 9-10 semesters. A four-year plan requires excellent planning and in most cases summer courses.
  • Identify the semester you plan to graduate. This is the semester you will complete your student teaching. You cannot plan for any concurrent courses during this semester.
  • Graph or chart the number of semesters estimated from item 1. Create the plan using an easy to revise format. As course offerings change, so should your plan.
  • Start by working backwards and inserting professional/block classes for the last 3-4 semesters. Blocks A, B, C and Student teaching OR Blocks I, II and Student teaching.
  • Continue inserting classes for each semester until all are accounted for on the curriculum guide. You may find the need to adjust the plan by adding summers or full semesters.
  • Include all the College of Education requirements and deadlines on your plan.

Remember – this is your plan and it is your responsibility to update it. Course offerings are subject to change every semester. Therefore, the graduation plan is only meant to be a guide and doesn’t replace regular meetings with an academic advisor.

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