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Before Classes Begin: First Steps

Looking to get a head start on your success at K-State? We encourage you to complete this checklist before classes start. Familiarize yourself with campus resources, services, and important dates to kick off the semester right! 

1. Login to KSIS and explore your Student Center

a. Review your class schedule and financial aid

b. Sign up for SALT, a program to help you learn how to build your financial awareness

c. Take a look at items on your “To-Do List” that you may need to complete

d. Print your class schedule

e. Complete TB questionnaire

2. Explore K-State Online

3. Sign into your K-State email account

a. Add classes to your calendar

b. Set up your mobile devices to receive K-State email and calendar events

4. Email your advisor to introduce yourself

5. Explore Campus Resources and visit these websites:

a. Center for Student Success and Professional Services

b. Undergraduate Catalog

c. Online Student Success Guide

d. K-State First Guide to College Student Success

6. Put important dates and deadlines in your planner/calendar

7. Complete Alcohol & Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP)

8. Read the Kansas State Book Network common book

9. Sign up to receive K-State Alerts

Center for Student Success and Professional Services

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