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College of Education

CPSI Administrative Roundtables

Discussion Resources

A Proactive Approach to School Mental Wellness (PDF)

School Mental Health (PDF)

KansansCan Social Emotional Character Development Standards (PDF)

Child Abuse by State (PDF)

2017 School Counselor Evaluation Plan Rubric (PDF)

Kansas Training Programs (PDF)

Trauma-Sensitive School Checklist (PDF)

Kansas Curricular Standards for School Counseling (PDF)

Model School District Policy on Suicide Prevention (PDF)

Youth Suicide Awareness Guide for Families (PDF)

School Mental Health Resources (PDF)

TeenLife 2017 Therapeutic Guide (PDF)

NASP Model for Comprehensive and Integrated School
Psychological Services

Framework for the Personnel Evaluation of School Psychologists
Utilizing the NASP Practice Model

SSWAA School Social Worker Evaluation Framework (PDF)

Making Data Work Process (PDF)

ASCA Resources

Ethical Standards for School Counselors (PDF)

Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success (PDF)

Mindsets & Behaviors: Program Planning Tool (PDF)

Empirical Research Studies Supporting the Value of School Counseling (PDF)

The School Counselor and Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention (PDF)

The School Counselor and Comprehensive School Counseling Programs (PDF)

The School Counselor and Group Counseling (PDF)

The School Counselor and Children Experiencing Homelessness (PDF)

The School Counselor and Multitiered System of Supports (PDF)

The School Counselor and the Use of Non-School-Counseling
Credentialed Personnel

The School Counselor and Social/Emotional Development (PDF)

The School Counselor and Student Mental Health (PDF)

The School Counselor and Use of Support Staff in School
Counseling Programs

The School Counselor and Trauma-Informed Practice (PDF)