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Project KORE

Project KORE logoThe primary, overarching goal of Project KORE (Kansans Organized For Results-based and Effective Instruction) is to scale up implementation of a coordinated, statewide system of personnel development/ professional development that will increase the capacity of Kansas school systems to establish and use a multi-tiered model of scientific, research-based instruction, intervention, and assessment to improve the progress and performance of all students—especially those who are English language learners.

Project KORE is designed to address a key priority of assisting the KSDE in reforming and improving systems for personnel preparation and professional development that will improve results for English learners. As such, project staff will design and implement PD activities that improve the knowledge of regular education teachers, existing ESL teachers and administrators, and in appropriate cases, paraprofessionals, concerning effective instructional practices, by providing training in:

  • How to teach and address effectively the needs of English language learners;
  • Methods of scientifically based instruction and best practices, including oracy, literacy [and numeracy] instruction and with “Power-added” instruction for teachers working with ELs in STEM classrooms;
  • Methods of early and appropriate interventions to identify and assist ELs and where educators use challenging state academic content standards and student academic achievement and functional standards, and state assessments for all children—especially those who are ELs;

Methods of using effectively biography-driven classroom-based strategies within MTSS’s Model of Tier 1/Core instruction prior to the need of referring ELs to more intensive second and third tiered levels of instructional and behavioral support.