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ESL Endorsement for Licensure

For more information about the endorsement, see the College of Education ESL Endorsement web page.

The ESL Teaching Endorsement for Licensure through Kansas State University for the state of Kansas requires five semester-long courses totaling 15 credit hours. Students enroll in one course per semester. Each course is offered for three hours of graduate or undergraduate credit.

The required courses are:

  • EDCI 720 ESL/Dual Language Methods
  • EDCI 742 ESL/Dual Language Assessment
  • EDCI 731 ESL/Dual Language Linguistics
  • EDCI 740 Culture and Language in Classroom Practice
  • EDCI 745 (Elementary) and EDCI 746 (Secondary) ESL/Dual Language Practicum

For description of the courses, see the Courses page.

The ESL Endorsement for Licensure courses are available via distance education from K-State Global Campus.

*Please note: The State of Kansas will attach an endorsement only to an existing teaching certificate approved in Kansas. Endorsement in many states, including Kansas, also requires a passing score on a Praxis exam.

→ Step-by-step instructions for Form 1 – Licensing Application (PDF)