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College of Education

College of Education
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Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

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Alumni Fellow Program

The K-State Alumni Fellows Program, sponsored by the Dean's Council, the President's Office and the Alumni Association, recognizes alumni who have distinguished themselves in their careers. Fellows are chosen by each college to return as distinguished guests and as mentors, friends and counselors. They are honored in recognition of the ultimate measure of a university - not curricula, facilities or programs, but the quality of its alumni.

Eligibility Criteria
Undergraduate or graduate degree from the College of Education

Letters of nomination for alumni fellows should be sent to the Office of the Dean of Education, 006 Bluemont Hall, 1100 Mid-Campus Drive, Manhattan, KS 66506-5301. The deadline for nominations is the third Friday of September each year.

Materials to be Submitted by Nominees
→ Current vitae (not to exceed five pages)
→ One-page summary of his/her educational philosophy
→ Summary of professional activities (not to exceed three pages)
Three letters of support

The materials should be assembled in the above-mentioned order. Nominations will not be considered complete until all submissions requested are received.

Christie and Curt Brungardt

Drs. Christie and Curt Brungardt, 2013 College of Education Alumni Fellows