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Teaching English as a Second Language for Adult Learners Graduate Certificate

18 Credits (Available Online)

This graduate certificate program is designed to meet the needs of teachers of English as a Second Language to the adult population. There are many adults for whom English is not their primary language. This program emphasizes instructional methods and principles of adult learning for the culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) adult learner.


EDACE 790 – Characteristics of the Adult Learner (3 credit hours)

This course examines the psychological physical, intellectual, and other characteristics effecting adults and their ability to learn. Adult development and learning theories, motivation, barriers to participation and the implications for the education of adults in a variety of learning situations will be discussed.

EDACE 820 – Principles of Teaching Adults (3 credit hours)

This course reviews the basics of teaching adults. Participants explore a variety of methods and techniques for teaching adults and examine the strengths, weaknesses, and appropriate applications of these methods and techniques to different adult education environments. Although theory is presented, the emphasis is on learning and sharing approaches to use in practice.

EDCI 720 – ESL/Dual Language Methods (3 credit hours)

This course explores contemporary approaches, methods, and strategies for the appropriate instruction of second language learners. In addition, a foundational perspective on ESL/Dual Language approaches is discussed, including the communicative, cognitive, and grammatical approaches.

EDCI 742 – ESL/Dual Language Assessment (3 credit hours)

This class provides an in-depth examination of key issues/challenges in the appropriate language assessment of culturally and linguistically diverse students. Among focal topics in theory, research and practice discussed will be: pre-and post-instructional assessment, authentic and alternative assessment, language testing, and placement and programming in accommodative classrooms.

EDCI 731 – ESL/Dual Language Linguistics (3 credit hours)

This course explores the theoretical underpinnings of language acquisition and linguistics that educators need to understand in order to better plan appropriately adapted curriculum and instruction for second language learners. The course encompasses problematic aspects of English language learning, the ways in which languages may differ, and certain universal aspects of languages.

EDACE 822 – International Adult Education and Literacy (3 credit hours)

(Prerequisite: EDACE 820) This course will provide an introduction to the foundations of global, political, social-economic and educational issues facing international adult education and literacy students. Participants will examine the values, customs, mores, and communication styles of students from diverse cultures who speak English as a second language. The goal of this course is to broaden student perspectives on adult education and literacy instructional practices, and lifelong learning.

Application and Admission Requirements

Applications to the Graduate Certificates programs are accepted year round and students may start courses any time during the year.

Students New to K-State Graduate School
  • Complete the online Graduate School Application indicating the field of study will be chosen graduate certificate program.
  • Submit an official transcripts documenting completion of a bachelor degree from a regionally accredited institution or international equivalent.
  • Submit a one to two page statement of objectives explaining how this graduate certificate will support career goals or profession.
  • Applicants who are also English second language learners must also submit documents meeting the Graduate School English Proficiency Requirements with the application materials. (An applicant who has received a degree in the last two years from a United States college or university is exempt from this requirement.
Students Already in a Master's or Doctoral Degree Program at K-State

If you are already admitted to a Graduate Degree program at K-State and maintain both good academic standing in the Graduate School and a 3.00 GPA, contact Dr. Royce Ann Collins (racollin@k-state.edu) with the name of the certificate program and explain in a few paragraphs why you want to add the certificate program.

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Teaching English as a Second Language for Adult Learners

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