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Reading Specialist Endorsement

This program is available online – learn more at K-State Global Campus.

Special licensure requirements exist for K-12 school teachers of special reading classes in Kansas. In addition to degree certification and 2 years of verified teaching experience, a planned sequence of graduate reading courses are required for licensure endorsement. Students seeking this endorsement must hold a valid Kansas Professional teaching license.


*Required Courses (15 hours)

EDCI 816 – Approaches to Reading Instruction (3 credits)
EDCI 818 – Theoretical Models of Reading (3 credits)
EDCI 840 – Literacy Assessment (3 credits)
EDCI 841 – Supporting Struggling Readers (3 credits)
EDCI 930 – Leadership in Literacy (3 credits)

*Required Practicum (3 hours)

EDCI 945 – Clinical Practicum in Reading (3 credits)

*All 6 courses are available online.

Additional Requirements

After completing the required courses and practicum, the applicant must fulfill these additional requirements to obtain a conditional reading specialist license:

  1. Hold a valid professional teaching license.
  2. Present a score of 164 or above on the Praxis II exam for the Reading Specialist (test number 5301).
  3. Hold a masters degree. (It is permitted but not necessary to include the required courses as part of the masters degree.)

→ Step-by-step instructions for Form 1 – Licensing Application (PDF)