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District Administrative Leadership Licensure (Superintendent)

This endorsement qualifies you to be a District Superintendent at the PK–12 level. You must have a graduate degree, complete the requirements for the District Leadership program with a 3.25 or higher GPA, have a current Professional Teaching License and pass the PRAXIS subject assessment test. You must also have 5 years of experience in the school while on a Professional License. Like the Teaching License, you begin your leadership career with a two-year Initial License. Students who already hold a master’s degree in educational leadership may apply those degree hours toward this license.

Initial District Leadership Licensure Requirements*

All courses 3 credits unless noted otherwise.

  • Masters degree from an accredited university (30 credit hours)
  • Additional hours for Initial Building License (6 credit hours)

  • EDLEA 801 – Ethical Dimensions of Educational Leadership **
  • EDLEA 834 – Strategies for Educational Change
  • EDLEA 845 – Leadership for Diverse Populations
  • EDLEA 827 – Political and Community Leadership in Education
  • EDLEA 986 – Advanced Seminar: Business/Facility Management
  • EDLEA 901 – The School District Leader
  • EDLEA 902 – District Internship (1 credit hour)

    Total Additional Credit Hours: 19 ***

Total Hours Required: 52-55

* State requirements require the issue of an initial license based on the requirements listed. Additional licensing information is available from the KSDE website.

** If the candidate obtained building licensure through Kansas State University and his/her transcript shows completion of EDLEA 801 (or EDLEA 886) – Ethical Dimensions of Leadership during the building license program, this requirement has been satisfied. Otherwise, the requirement applies.

*** Candidates holding degrees from other universities may be required to take additional coursework to total 60 hours beyond the bachelor degree. Candidates interested in district leadership for special education will also take EDSP 833 – Administration of Special Education Programs.

Professional District Leadership License

After receiving an initial license, students must complete a one-year supervised internship in an administrative leadership position to earn the professional license.

Applying for your license:

  • After completing the coursework and internship, applicants for the initial license must also meet the following KSDE requirements:
    1. Hold a currently valid Kansas professional teaching license.
    2. Complete the master’s degree with a cumulative grade point average of 3.25.
    3. Complete the Praxis exam for District Leadership (See http://www.ets.org/praxis/ks/requirements - Administrator/School Leader). To have your score sent to Kansas State University, enter code #6334 when registering for the Praxis test.
    4. Have recent teaching experience or coursework (i.e., at least one year of teaching or 8 credit hours within the last six years).
    5. Verify five years of experience in a state-accredited school while holding a standard teaching or school specialist license and having achieved the professional-level license.
  • The Form 1 application can be found on the KSDE website.
    → Step-by-step instructions for Form 1 (PDF)
For more information about the District Administrative Leadership Licensure, please contact:

Dr. Mary Devin



District Leadership

Tuition Information:

See the Cashiers and Student Accounts website for tuition and fee schedules.


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