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K-12 Online Teaching Undergraduate Certificate

This program is available online – learn more at K-State Global Campus.

This program is designed for teachers interested in advancing their knowledge of teaching online in K-12. Learn how to create lessons and teach in an online environment. K-12 schools have become more receptive to online interactive learning. Virtual schools represent a significant shift in K-12 education. The increase in virtual school programming is a reflection of a variety of viewpoints leading parents to choose this delivery system for their children.

Kansas State University, a leader in teacher education, is now offering an online undergraduate certificate in K-12 online teaching. This 12-credit certificate explores:

  • the pedagogy of online teaching and learning
  • best practices in learning management systems
  • how to create fully online courses
  • the necessary tools to design, implement and teach effective courses in virtual K-12 schools

Pre-service and in-service teachers who are interested in the new K-12 online interactive learning environment are invited to apply.

Required Courses

  • EDCI 505 – Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning (3 credits) (May Intersession)
  • EDCI 506 – Online Instructional Design and Development I (3 credits) (June)
  • EDCI 507 – Online Instructional Design and Development II (3 credits) (August Intersession)
  • EDCI 508 – Online Teaching and Learning Practicum (3 credits) (January Intersession)

Admission Requirements and Application

To qualify for admission to the K-12 online teaching graduate certificate program, students must be admitted to a teacher education program at K-State or be a current in-service teacher.

Application Deadlines

Applications are accepted throughout the year.

How to Apply

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K-12 Online Teaching


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Tuition Information:

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