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Dennis Devenney
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Director of Technology

Technology Specifications for Professional Education

In anticipation of specific requests for information on the level of equipment and types of software that meet the needs of entering and current professional education students, we provide the following recommendations.

While the expectations of the faculty for computing access can be met by many platforms coupled with a variety of software packages, students should consider when purchasing, that faculty and staff in the College of Education use iPads and Apple Macintosh computers, and that virtually all software, professional development, and technical assistance training provided through the college are Apple-based or compatible. The staff in our technology center, the Catalyst, will attempt to help students resolve compatibility issues, but are trained to provide technical assistance on Apple-based products.

Apple MacBook/MacBook Pro or iMac, and iPad Specifications

iPad Specifications:
  • iPad Air, Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 with minimum of 32 GB, preferably 64 GB or greater
    • Operating System: iOS 9.3 or greater
    • Applications: Pages, Keynote, Numbers, GarageBand, iPhoto, and iMovie
    • Word, PowerPoint and Excel (provided by University)
Apple Macintosh Hardware Specifications:
  • Laptop/Desktop computer: Minimum - Intel i5, i7 processor or newer
    • Hard Drive: 500 GB or greater, 256 GB or greater for Solid State drives
    • RAM: 8 GB or greater  
    • Built-in Wireless (802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n compatible)
Recommendations for Software (using the most current versions):
Additional items to consider that would be very useful:
  • Protection Plan (extending the hardware warranty of your computer)
  • 16 to 32 GB or greater Flash Drive (for transferring and exchanging data)
  • Portable external hard drive (for backup purposes)
  • Carrying case and sleeve
  • USB Printer w/USB cable
  • Lock and cable kit to prevent theft

Additional assistance with Macintosh hardware and software is supported within the College of Education.

Windows PC Computer Hardware and Software Recommendations

→ Please see Buying a Computer for College 2015-2016 Recommendations

Assistance with the Windows PC hardware and software is supported through the IT Help Desk in Hale Library.

See also: Technology Expectations for Professional Education

Note: You may find it to your benefit to check with the K-State Computer Store for special pricing and packaging on your computer selection.