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Education Graduate Student Organization

The Education Graduate Student Organization (EGSO) welcomes ALL students who are working on their graduate degree in the College of Education. The purpose of this organization is to provide assistance and support to our members. Throughout the year, the EGSO has meetings that host guest speakers, covering topics that are useful and relevant to us as graduate students. There are also opportunities to get together as fellow graduate students and share in social events.

To make sure that you receive reminder emails of upcoming events that the EGSO has, please e-mail us to put you on our email list. We look forward to seeing or hearing from you.

EGSO Executive Committee
President: Lisa Tabor, Ph.D. candidate in Curriculum and Instruction
Vice President: Jo Dunlap, Ph.D. candidate in Curriculum and Instruction
Secretary: Erin Meyer, Ph.D. candidate in Curriculum and Instruction
Treasurer: Reina Cruz, Ph.D. candidate in Curriculum and Instruction
Advisor: Dr. Paul Burden

EGSO Listserv
This listserv is for College of Education graduates students to help them stay informed about issues relevant to the pursuance of their degrees. Please contact Lisa Tabor to be invited to join the listserv.

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