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Academic English Development for Teachers

The Program

photo of three women looking at a laptopKansas State University’s Center for Intercultural and Multilingual Advocacy (CIMA) has launched a distance learning program to support the personal and professional development of English language teachers. Without sacrificing quality of instruction or integrity of coursework, this program gives working professionals the freedom to complete assignments on their own time, from their personal device, and in their chosen environment. Designed by experts in the field of English language instruction, the course is tailored for educators with the goal of improving their English language ability, teaching methodology, and technological capacity.

Course Overview

Academic English Development for Teachers is a 12-week online professional development course. Seven overarching themes guide the module content and direct the discussions and assignments. Each module contains short readings, academic texts, TED Talks, audio assignments, videos, listening activities, comprehension and vocabulary quizzes, academic writing assignments, and speaking assignments. Modules are designed to allow participants to build confidence while developing language teaching and language learning techniques.  Participants will exit this course with a higher level of academic English, increased technological skills, enhanced methodology, and a more diverse professional network.

Seven Thematic Modules

Module NumberTimelineThemeMain
Module 1Week
& Identity
To define identity in personal and professional contexts and present these identities by writing a professional blurb and recording an informal introduction video
Module 2Weeks
2 & 3
Marking the Passage of TimeTo understand identity development related to significant life events by writing a personal narrative and recording a personal story recalling a turning point
Module 3Weeks
4 & 5
RelationshipsTo explore the importance of creating meaningful relationships in personal and professional contexts by defining love, the role of a teacher, and recording a personal story of a childhood relationship with an educator
Module 4Weeks
6 & 7
Food CultureTo learn about cultural connections to consumption habits in the USA, formulate opinion paragraphs related to food culture, and record a video critiquing personal consumption habits
Module 5Weeks
8 & 9
& Education
To learn about online educational resources, explore positive and negative aspects of online learning, formulate opinion paragraphs, and record a video designing a classroom using futuristic technology
Module 6Weeks
10 & 11
& Rhyme
To explore music, culture, and communication and develop teaching strategies by creating a music lesson plan and recording a personal story about music and identity
Module 7Week
& Reflection
To reflect on course content and provide meaningful oral and written feedback and constructive criticism related to course content and personal experiences with course

Technical Requirements

Participants must have a reliable internet connection and access to a computer or mobile device with audio and video recording capability.

Course Certificate, Cost, and Offerings

Course Certificate – Participants who successfully complete the requirements of the Academic English Development for Teachers course will be awarded a certificate from Kansas State University.

Cost – The cost for this course is $495. Please contact us directly for group rates, or if you seek to take this course for university credit.

Offerings – The course is offered when enrollment reaches 20 students. If you are interested in enrolling in this course when the next session is available, pre-register now. We will contact you with additional information, including course dates, at that time.

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Academic English Development
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Award-Winning Program

2017 ACHE Outstanding Services to Underserved Populations Award for the Integrated Language Skills Program

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