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K-State Information Technology

K-State Services

  • K-State Libraries
    Assists students with library resources and access to online databases, electronic journal collections, and book and article delivery service.
  • Nontraditional and Veteran Student Services
    Serves as a liaison for all students 25 and older, who are married, a parent, a veteran, or are returning to school after an absence.
  • Student Access Center
    Assists all students with documented disabilities, both on- and off-campus, by providing accommodations they need to be successful in their classes.
  • Career and Employment Services
    Provides career advising, training, employment connections, and resources to all K-State students and alumni
  • Office of Student Life
    Encourages, supports, advises, and advocates for students, enhancing all K-State students’ experiences and successes in life and in the classroom.
  • K-State Honor and Integrity System
    Policies and procedures that apply to all full and part-time students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate courses on-campus, off-campus, as well as online.
  • Virtual Commencement
    A place to honor graduates who are studying at a distance and cannot attend the on-campus commencement.
  • K-State Collegian
    Stay up to date on all the news from campus through the campus newspaper.
  • Leading Edge Newsletter
    Published online five times each year to help distance students develop a connection with K-State.
  • University Life Cafe
    Engages college students to promote emotional wellness that can lead to academic success.

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