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College of Education

Master's Degree Programs

The College of Education offers master's degree programs in the areas of academic advising, adult and continuing education, curriculum and instruction, educational leadership, special education, college student development, and school counseling.

Master of Arts in Teaching (Aspiring Teachers)

An innovative pathway to teaching for those who have previously earned a Bachelor’s degree and meet other admission criteria. Enables qualified students to earn the MAT and recommendation for Kansas initial teacher license (K-6) in 12 months through a rigorous online curriculum.
→ Master of Arts in Teaching Program Website
Master of Arts in Teaching handbook (PDF)

M.S. in Academic Advising

Graduate program for advising professionals and future professional advisors seeking to enhance their knowledge and ability to work more effectively with postsecondary students in their academic and career planning.
M.S. in Academic Advising Program booklet (PDF)

M.S. in Adult and Continuing Education

Graduate program designed to prepare practitioners for careers in a variety of adult and continuing education settings: extension education, human resource development, community education and development, and institutions, agencies, and organizations that deal primarily with adult needs and education.
M.S. in Adult and Continuing Education Program booklet (PDF)

M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction

Graduate program offering a variety of graduate-level courses in all curricular areas with specific emphasis upon trends and recent developments in practice, theory, and research. Areas of specialization include: Elementary/Middle Level; Reading/Language Arts; Reading Specialist Endorsement; Middle Level/Secondary; Educational Computing, Design and Online Learning; Digital Teaching and Learning; English as a Second Language (ESL); and Teacher Leader/School Improvement.
M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction Program booklet (PDF)

M.S. In Educational Leadership

Professional degree program principally for preparing skilled practitioners. Students who desire a building-level (principal) endorsement should select this degree/program to meet the requirements of the state of Kansas for professional licensure. Additionally, students who intend to assume other significant leadership roles in public schools, apart from professional licensure, should consider this degree.
M.S. in Educational Leadership Program booklet (PDF)
M.S. in Educational Leadership Admission Standards (PDF)

M.S. in Special Education

Graduate program to prepare special education teachers at the graduate level in a cross categorical program with two areas of specialization: adaptive special education and functional special education. These programs have been approved for special education endorsement by the Kansas State Department of Education.
M.S. in Special Education Program booklet (PDF)

M.S. in College Student Development

Graduate program to prepare professionals for work in a college setting at one or many different student affairs agencies and to assist the student to meet the professional entry-level and advancement requirements in the field.
M.S. in College Student Development Program booklet (PDF)

M.S. in School Counseling

Graduate program to develop professionals within the context of groups and institutions, client development and learning, guidance and counseling of students leading to theory-driven and research-guided practice in school counseling. Curricular experiences include human growth and development, appraisal, research and program evaluation, professional orientation, and foundations.
M.S. in School Counseling Program booklet (PDF)
M.S. in School Counseling Recommendation Form (PDF)