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For more information about the StepAhead Program, contact:

Dr. Marilyn Kaff

StepAhead Provisional Endorsement
in Special Education

The StepAhead Provisional Endorsement is for Secondary Education undergraduate students in the College of Education with an interest in Special Education. As part of the StepAhead program you can complete a 3-credit hour practicum (EDSP 785) in conjunction with your Professional Semester. Your practicum placement will provide you opportunities to teach in both resource and inclusive special education settings.


Secondary Education students who want to begin teaching special education before completing a full licensure program can follow this plan, completing the required special education coursework and student teaching with a Special Education Practicum (during the final semester with their content area student teaching). Individuals completing this option will be eligible for provisional endorsement in secondary adaptive special education after accepting a special education teaching position.


  • Prerequisite:
    EDSP 323 Exceptional Student in Secondary Schools * (F, S, Su)
  • Classes leading to provisional endorsement in special education:
    • EDSP 710 Education of Exceptional Individuals * ^ (F, S, Su)
    • EDSP 742 Interventions: Emotional and Behavior Disorders (F, S, Su)
    • EDSP 743 Interventions: Academic Disabilities (F, S)
    • EDSP 745 The Consulting Process in Special Education (Su)
    • EDSP 785 Practicum in Special Education (F, S)

* Note: EDSP 323 and EDSP 710 may be taken concurrently.
^ Note: EDSP 710 is a prerequisite for the remaining courses.

Why Consider a Provisional Endorsement in Special Education?

  • You’re getting a “StepAhead” to a Master’s degree!
  • Allows you to work as a special education teacher while finishing a Special Education endorsement for the State of Kansas.
  • Better preparation for including students with special needs in your general education classroom.
  • A special education background increases your opportunities of getting a teaching job!