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Employment Opportunities

Teaching Assistant

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction invites applications for several positions as Teaching Assistants. Successful candidates will receive a 12-month term appointment to assist graduate faculty members in the delivery of an online Master of Arts in Teaching degree that offers K-6 Kansas state teaching licensure in one calendar year.

Professor of Practice

The Department of Curriculum & Instruction invites applications for two separate positions (one at the elementary level and one at the secondary level) of professor of practice. Successful candidates will serve as liaisons to elementary and secondary school buildings in Manhattan-Ogden USD 383, coordinate and supervise field experiences, and teach courses for undergraduate students.

Recruitment Coordinator

The Center for Student and Professional Services (CSPS) is seeking a dynamic and energetic professional for Recruitment Coordinator. As a member of the CSPS, and in collaboration with the faculty and staff of the college, the Recruitment Coordinator will be responsible for the implementation of an innovative and comprehensive recruitment program for the COE that focuses on effective recruitment and outreach to potential undergraduate students and their parents/families.

Graduate Teaching Assistant –
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Graduate Teaching Assistants in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction typically teach undergraduate courses for pre-service teachers and/or supervise practicum students and interns in placements in area schools

Qualifications, Expectations and Application Instructions available on the Curriculum and Instruction GTA Position Announcement (PDF)